Interview Experience 2017 -8 (Kumar Saurav)

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IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Kumar Saurav.

Biometric and documentation was done smoothly, during document verification, they asked some questions, but that doesn’t matter.
There were 5 members in which one was Madam, and rest were Sirs.
Entered the room and wished all members.
M1- Apne bare me btao.
Ans- started telling
M2- interrupted in between and asked what does Account Hons mean in Graduation?
M1- Wo B.Com ko account hons. kehte hai.
M2- Ok ok.
M3- Balance sheet dekha hai, kya hota hai?
M3- P&L account?
Explained but not in a better way.
M2- Balance Sheet as in Yearly or Monthly?
Answered – Sir Yearly.
M2- Kyu monthly nhi bana sakte.
Answered- No sir yearly prepare ki jati hai.
M4- Contingent liability?
M4- Contingent liability is reflected on which side on balance sheet?
Answered- Not reflected In BS.
M4- Management ke pillars btao.
Ans-Don’t know sir.
F1- What is DRT?
M1- Tribune, what code?
Ans – Yes sir.
OK Thank you, you can go.
Thank you, sirs.

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