What To Say When You Don’t Know The Right Answer ? | Interview Tips For RBI Grade B & IBPS RRB PO

With the Personal Interview round of RBI Grade B Officer and IBPS RRB PO round the corner, preparations of candidates selected for the final phase are in full swing. Previously, we discussed important points to be kept in mind during an interview, how to introduce yourself in an interview and what you should wear to your interview. Today’s article is about tackling the interview questions you don’t know the answers of. When you appear for an interview, it’s not only the knowledge that helps you make the grades but, your attitude when you get to face the questions you don’t know also plays an equivalent role in the same. Here is how you should and shouldn’t react when you don’t know the answer of a particular question during an interview:

  • The interviewers have a list of a huge number of questions with them so, keep yourself ready to face the questions that will be unfamiliar to you when asked during your personal interview round.
  • You should never panic in the situation where you are unable to answer the question. This only lowers your confidence level and also carries a great potential to spoil your overall performance. Be poised as much as you can so that you can answer the questions that are yet to be asked.
  • Don’t look here and there, scratch your head and act like you know the answer. It only leaves the interviewer irritated when you don’t give them the required answer in the end. So, keep the eye contact maintained.
  • Never give a wrong answer. If you don’t know what the correct answer is, simply smile and say, “Sorry ma’am/sir, I don’t know the correct answer.”
  • If you are faced with a twisted question on a topic you had studied well but you can’t figure out the exact answer, choose to tell them that you don’t know the answer. Giving them a mumble-jumble answer (Eg. there is a twisted question on repo rate and you start to define repo rate) will do no good at all. Be precise while answering their questions.

If you are confident and act wisely even when you don’t know the answers, you possess better competence skills and that is what makes the interviewers more likely to single you out as the right candidate. We hope these tips help you perform to the best of your ability in the Personal Interview round of RBI Grade B Officer and IBPS RRB PO Examination 2018. Adda247 is also providing the students with Adda247 Publications “Bank Exams Interviews” Book. The objective of this book is to guide the students to make the grades in the personal interview with the help of tips and solved examples of frequently asked questions. It also incorporates the real interview experiences of the candidates who appeared for previous bank interview phases and mock exercise set to encourage them to be prepared to face the toughest questions with a decent strategy.

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