Interview Tips: How To Introduce Yourself In SBI/BOB PO Interview

Dear students, we all are cognizant that the results of BOB PO and SBI PO Mains Exam are already out. Having cleared these exams successfully, you must have already begun to hanker after the sybaritic life ahead of your selection in these public sector banks as a Probationary Officer. Isn’t it so?? Probably, every SBI or BOB PO Interview candidate would get in tune with this.

The next question that hits one’s mind is, “How to score maximum marks in SBI PO/ BOB PO Interview so as to make it to the final selection?” So, students, Adda247 gets you the best tips on how to crack SBI/BOB PO Interviews 2018-19. We previously published an article in which we discussed the important points that one must focus on while preparing for SBI/BOB PO Interview. And today, we will be discussing the most recurrent question in the history of interviews, i.e. “Tell us something about yourself…”, and the related cross-questions that follow when one comes across this specific question.
The important points that one needs to keep in mind to answer this question efficiently are as follows:
1. Name: When asked to introduce yourself, make it a point to always state your full name first. You must know the meaning of your name and mythological importance of your name. In fact, if the name of any of your family members has a special connection, you must know about that too. 
2. Place: Be prepared to face questions like, “What is your hometown famous for?” or “Name the famous personality who hails from the city you belong to?” They may also ask you questions related to the branch of a particular bank in your city. Keep yourself ready with the answer to every such question.
3. Academics/Educational Qualifications: They can ask you to tell them about the name of the institution that you did your graduation from. Disclose the percentage of marks only if you think you have scored fairly well or else you can talk about other achievements you have had in your journey so far. Also, prepare yourself to answer the questions on the main subject/ stream you graduated with.
4. Gap: A gap in employment or academic studies can be a spike in your career profile. Learn to address the issue adeptly and wisely. They just need to know that you didn’t‟t sit idle while you were off from a regular degree or job, so you need to answer the question accordingly.
5. Strengths/Weaknesses: Do not forget to highlight your key strengths that go along with the responsibility of the job role you are applying for. Make sure that that for every strength shared by you, you have a strong personal experience to share, if further asked by the interviewer. The weakness that you mention should be the one that wouldn’t have an impact on your career as a banker.
6. Family: You may also be asked to tell them a few things about your family members. They might put up questions on the organization you mother/ father/ sister/ brother works with. So, keep yourself abreast of every such information so as to answer the questions appropriately.
7. Hobbies: Do mention the extracurricular activities you have been a part of during your overall academic life. Always keep it in mind that you have strong answers related to your hobby if further asked by the interviewers. 
Remember to be positive and confident while answering to the interviewers’ questions, giving a mumble-jumble answer will do no good. We hope these tips help you perform to the best of your ability in the Personal Interview round of SBI PO and BOB PO Examination 2018. Adda247 is also providing the students with Adda247 Publications “Bank Exams Interviews” Book. The objective of this book is to guide the students to make the grades in the personal interview with the help of tips and solved examples of frequently asked questions. It also incorporates the real interview experiences of the candidates who appeared for previous bank’s interview phases and mock exercise set to encourage them to be prepared to face the toughest questions with a decent strategy.