Is There Sectional Cut-Off In IBPS Clerk Examination 2018?

IBPS recently brought out the notification for one of the biggest recruitments in the banking sector i.e. IBPS Clerk. The notification comes as a bliss to the candidates who have been striving and pulling out all the stops to chalk up the success in banking examinations. On the contrary, the candidates were staggered to find that sectional cut-off continues to be a part of the exam along with the introduction of sectional timings.

While some of the students are cognizant that sectional cut-off is there for this exam, others are confusing the structure of IBPS Clerk Examination with that of SBI’s in which there were no sectional cut-offs. If latter is the case with you, then you are barking up the wrong trees because sectional cut-off will still be there in both IBPS PO as well as Clerk Examination 2018. The candidates who appeared for SBI and other exams that did not have the provision for sectional cut-offs worked only on the sections they are dab handed at and chose to ignore the sections they are weak at. To such candidates, this strategy won’t be working anymore and you need to work on all the three subjects evenly because they are all equivalently significant.
So, you are still left with more than a couple of months to whip yourself into shape and make a go of it. Regular practice helps you sail through all the examinations so make sure that you take mock tests day in, day out. Buckle down and fling yourself into the preparations to bring it off this time. All the best!!