It Does Not Matter How Slowly You Go As Long As You Do Not Stop

We always have some goal and desire to achieve in our life. We work hard and sometimes return are fruitful and sometimes disapointing. We all may have faced failure in our life. No doubt, it leads to depression and we feel like quitting things. But is failure the end of life? No. Failure is the phase of life that we experience at some point of our life. We should understand that ups and down are necessary to taste the success. It teaches us the best way and helps improving on our past mistakes.

There is a famous saying: 

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

If you are learning things slow, that does not mean that you are failing in something. It may take time to achieve your goal but definitely you will. Failure is not learning things or going slow. It is quitting things. Never underestimate yourself, your strength, your power to attain and to be at the destined place. If you are willing to do something and putting your arduous efforts, you will succeed one day. And that day will be the best of your life.

Remember a famous saying by carol burnett:

Only i can change my life, no one else can do it for me.

Start working to change your life. Work to live a life of dignity. You are the writer of your dreams. Creat a success story for yourself and pen down it. All the best!

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