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JAIIB CAIIB study material: Here we are providing you with JAIIB CAIIB study material pdf on the topics Bond and Yield to maturity (YTM). The IIBF conducts JAIIB and CAIIB exams every year which are flagship courses that can boost a banker’s career in terms of opportunities, growth and salary. If you are a banker then you must check the prospectus of the Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers (JAIIB) and Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers (CAIIB) Examinations.

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Bond and YTM both the topics are important for both the exams JAIIB and CAIIB. A minimum of 4 questions are expected from Bond in Paper 2 (AFB). This topic is from the Module A, Chapter 2 of the syllabus and covers close to 10 marks in JAIIB.

In CAIIB exam Bond and YTM topic is covered under the Advance Bank Management (ABM) which is a part of Module B, Chapter 17 of the syllabus. A minimum of 6 questions are expected from this topic in the CAIIB exam and this can fetch 15 marks.

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You can download the JAIIB and CAIIB syllabus, Centre list and other details from the official Indian Institute of Banking and Finance website iibf.org.in

The JAIIB and CAIIB examination is expected to take place in May/June 2020 and in Nov/Dec 2020. Both exams are held online twice a year.

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