JAIIB/DBF Study Materials: Download PDF

JAIIB Legal and Regulatory aspects of banking notes pdf

Indian Institute of Banking & Finance conducts examination for JAIIB/DBF every year two times. This exam gives the growth opportunities to the existing bank employees. The primary objective of the JAIIB exam is to check the basic knowledge of candidates in banking and financial services, making healthy customer relations, basic accountancy and legal aspects necessary for carrying out day to day banking operations.

JAIIB/DBF exam consists of three exams:

JAIIB Paper-1: Principle and Practices of Banking (PPB): The Paper has 5 modules which are:-

  • PPB – Module – A – Indian Financial System
  • PPB – Module – B – Functions of Banks
  • PPB-Module-C – Banking Technology
  • PPB – Module – D – Support Services-Marketing of Banking Services/Products
  • PPB – Module – E – Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

JAIIB Paper-2: Accounting And Finance For Bankers (AFB): The Paper has 4 modules which are:-

  • AFB – Module – A – Business Mathematics and Finance
  • AFB – Module – B – Principles of Bookkeeping and Accountancy
  • AFB – Module – C – Final Accounts
  • AFB – Module – D – Banking Operations

JAIIB Paper-3: Legal & Regulatory Aspects Of Banking (LRB): The Paper has 4 modules which are:-

  • LRB – Module A – Regulations and Compliance
  • LRB – Module B – Legal Aspects of Banking Operations
  • LRB – Module C – Banking Related Laws
  • LRB – Module D – Commercial Laws With Reference To Banking Operations

To complement the preparation of JAIIB/DBF exam of the aspiring bankers, here at ADDA 247, we are launching JAIIB/DBF Study Materials. This material will help all the JAIIB/DBF aspirants in sailing through the exam. Click on the below link to download the JAIIB/DBF Study Material.

Download the JAIIB Legal and Regulatory aspects of banking notes PDF from the link given below.

JAIIB/DBF Study Materials: Download PDF (Part-1)

JAIIB/DBF Study Materials: Download PDF (Part-2)

All the candidates appearing for the JAIIB/DBF exam are advised to read the above material and hence complement their JAIIB exam preparation. You can also attempt the quizzes to add a plus point in JAIIB/DBF exam.


All the Best BA’ians for JAIIB/DBF!!