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JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023, IE & IFS Exam Review, 8 October

JAIIB Exam Analysis 2023

JAIIB IE & IFS October Exam scheduled on 08 October 2023 has been successfully conducted by the Indian Institute Of Banking and Finance. The banking and financial sector employees who appeared for the examination found the overall difficulty level of the paper to be Moderate. Candidates would have know the qualifying status for JAIIB IE & IFS after the completion of their respective shift. Through the given post, we have discussed the JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October .

JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October Exam Review

JAIIB IE & IFS October Exam 2023 has been held in 3 multiple shifts at the different centres all across the nation. The team of OfficersAdda247 communicated with the employees and then have come up with the JAIIB IE & IFS Complete Exam Review on its official Youtube channel, “OfficersAdda247”. JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October is also a beneficial tool for the candidates preparing for the upcoming JAIIB Exam as the exam review provide an insight of the topics as well as questions asked.

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JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October, Shift 1

JAIIB IE & IFS Exam 2023, Shift 1 is over now and as per the feedback received from the banking and financial sector employees, the overall level of the paper was Moderate. Some of the questions and the topics that were asked as per the JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October, Shift 1 are discussed below.

  1. Green Bond
  2. Fiscal Deficit
  3. Currency Note
  4. Type Of REITS
  5. Microfinance
  6. Micro Economics
  7. GDP GVA
  8. Pension scheme
  9. Bill Discounting
  10. Notice Money
  11. Insurance Penetration Numerical
  12. BRDS
  13. Credit Score
  14. InVITS Sponsor Limit
  15. UAN
  16. FIMMDA Establishment Year
  17. Short Term Capital Gain
  18. NBFC
  19. Government sponsored schemes
  20. Venture Capital Regulator
  21. PMSBY Age Limit
  22. PMJJBY Entry Age Limit
  23. APY Age Limit
  24. APY Pension Amount
  25. NBFC-MFI
  26. Money Multiplier
  27. Economic Reforms
  28. White Label ATM
  29. Debenture, Equity & Preference
  30. PSL For SFB
  31. Types Of ATM
  32. EASE 4.0
  33. Narsimhan Committee 1
  34. Factoring, Forfaiting, Treds, Bill Match
  35. Quaternary sector sub sector of
  36. SDG 17 Goals
  37. Deficit Financing
  38. Currency in basket of 6 currencies
  39. Post reform ERA
  40. GVA at BASIC Price
  41. RBI Committee Members
  42. Insurance Ombudsman
  43. CD
  44. Multi modal Gati Shakti Scheme
  45. ESG features
  46. Functions of RBI(including formation of FTP)
  47. Sector wise FDI limits and routes (plantation, defence manufacturing, petroleum, print media)
  48. FII(foreign institutional investment) features
  49. Steps for IS-LM curve hansen synthesis
  50. Monetary Policy
  51. Bank merged with BANK of BARODA
  52. Merchant Banker Category 1
  53. Prohibited Acts Of RBI
  54. DFI
  55. Risk-O-Meter
  56. RHP
  57. Which is not a Credit Information Company
  58. FOREX Rate
  59. IMPS
  60. Regulator Of HFC
  61. Mutual Fund Risk
  62. EPFO
  63. Credit Information Companies
  64. Protection Measure
  65. ESCROW Account

JAIIB IE & IFS Exam Analysis 2023, 8 October, Shift 1: Video Link