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Job Profile of an EPFO SSA

Job Profile of an EPFO SSA

As the Employees Provident Fund has just released 2859 vacancies for Social Security Assistant & Stenographers.  This is a massive opportunity for candidates looking for a government job. It is expected lakhs of candidates will apply for this opportunity. But are you aware of the Job Profile of an EPFO SSA? Knowing the job profile is crucial to understand whether you have the required aptitude for that job and if this is the career you would want to pursue. In order to enhance your awareness of the nature of the job, responsibilities, and kind of work we have covered here the Job Profile of an EPFO SSA or Social Security Assistant & Stenographers in detail.

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What is the Job Profile of an EPFO SSA

The job Profile of an EPFO SSA is hardly known to the candidates. Since EPFO is a statutory organization under the Ministry of Labour. Its administration and day-to-office work are different from Central Secretariat Jobs that the candidates are generally aware of. Though EPFO is not a financial institution, but the work of Provident Fund Management is such that it has some similarities with Banks. i.e Dealing with customers, maintaining accounts, and financial management. Social Security Assistants & Stenographers are the most important pillars for daily operations within EPFO. Here in this post, we have covered the Job Profile of an EPFO SSA.

Job Profile of an EPFO SSA Nature Of Work

The Job Profile of an EPFO SSA is based on the kind of duties and responsibilities that the Social Security Assistants & Stenographers have. Detailed information on roles and responsibilities as a part of the Job Profile of an EPFO SSA is given below.

Job Profile of an EPFO Social Security Assistant

On joining as Social Security Assistant the candidates will have to undergo a probation period of 2 years. This is a mandatory probation period intended to access work ethics, sense of responsibility, efficiency, and capabilities.

During probation, the Social Security Assistant is allotted one of two branches within EPFO. They are as follows:

  1. Accounts Group: If allotted to the Accounts Group, the SSA is designated as Dealing Assistant. The name signifies the roles and responsibilities he has. The Dealing Assistant deals with matters of provident fund accounts like PF withdrawal, and Pension Management.
  2. Cash Department: If allotted to the cash department, then SSA is called Social Security Assistant. They are responsible for the administration in the office ad they deal with cheques, and prepare balance sheets for Cash Departments.
  3. They are also responsible for the management of data and perform basic tasks like Data Entry and compilation of reports.
  4. The SSA is also responsible for ensuring the quality of data, the correctness of balance sheets.
  5. While working as dealing assistants, they are required to interact with the EPFO beneficiaries.

Career Progression in Job Profile of an EPFO SSA

The EPFO is an excellent imagination to work in. There are a good number of opportunities for growth and reaching higher levels like EO/AO.  As per the reports of the Labour Ministry, almost 80% of SSA are promoted to Senior SSA within 4 years. There is a good chance considering the rate of career progression within 30 years or before retirement SSA will retire as an Enforcement Officer or Accounts Officer. Here are the career progression stages for SSA.

  1. Social Security Assistant
  2. Senior Social Security Assistant
  3. Section Supervisor
  4. Enforcement Officer or Accounts Officer
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Where can I get the Job Profile for EPFO SSA?

The job profile for EPFO SSA is mentioned in the article given above.

Is there a chance of career growth If I Join as EPFO SSA?

Yes, there are good chances for career growth in EPFO. You can reach till Enforcement Officer or even higher with excellent work.

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