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Latest Sport News 2022 for Competitive Exam

In this article we are providing current affairs related to cricket, chess and Grand Prix (racing) which were in news in last 4 months. along with that important terms of respective sports is also provided to cover the static portion of the general awareness section.


  • England’s James Anderson became the first-ever fast bowler to complete 950 wickets in international cricket.
  • Ireland all-rounder Kevin O’Brien has announced his retirement from international cricket.
  • Former West Indies all-rounder, Kieron Pollard became the first cricketer to play 600 T20 matches.
  • Rudi Koertzen, the former international cricket umpire, has passed away in a car crash.
  • India women’s Cricket team won silver medal after losing to Australia in cricket in Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2022.
  • England’s Leicester Cricket Ground named after India’s legendary cricketer, Sunil Gavaskar
  • Bangladesh ODI captain, Tamim Iqbal has announced his retirement from T20Is.
  • Former West Indies skippers Denesh Ramdin and Lendl Simmons announced their retirement from international cricket.
  • Former New Zealand cricket captain and batter Barry Sinclair died.
  • Eoin Morgan has announced his immediate retirement from international cricket.
  • Rumeli Dhar, the India seam-bowling allrounder, has announced her retirement from international cricket.
  • Filmmaker Srijit Mukherji made a film named  “Shabaash Mithu”, a Taapsee Pannu-starrer biopic on former India women’s cricket team captain Mithali Raj.
  • Indian women’s cricket team captain, Mithali Raj announced her retirement from all forms of International cricket.
  • Former Australian all-rounder Andrew Symonds has been killed in a car crash.

Important terms related to Cricket:

  • LBW:  When a batsman stops the ball from hitting his stumps using his pads and is given out
  • Beamer: When a fast bowler bowls a ball to a batsman that reaches him without bouncing
  • Bails : The two small items which sit on top of the stumps and need to be removed for a batsman to be bowled out
  • Dolly: A very easy catch taken by a fielder
  • Edge (Snick or Nick) : When a batsman only just touches the ball with the side of his bat and is caught by the wicket keeper or the slips
  • First Change :The bowler who comes on to replace either of the players who bowled the first and second over of the innings
  • Golden Duck: When a batsman is out first ball
  • Rough: A worn section of the pitch just in front and to the side of the stumps
  • Silly: If this word is in front of a fielding position it means it is very close to the batsman
  • Maiden: When a bowler delivers an entire over without the batsman managing to score a run
  • Yorker: A delivery that is intended to pitch directly underneath a batsman’s bat or on his toes.

Grand Prix

  • Grand Prixes won by Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen: Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix 2022,  (F1) 2022 Hungarian Grand Prix 2022,Canadian Grand Prix,  Azerbaijan Formula One Grand Prix 2022, French Grand Prix.
  • Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc won the Austrian Grand Prix 2022.
  • Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz registered his first Formula One win at British Grand Prix 2022.
  • The Red Bull racing driver Sergio Pérez (Mexican) has won the Formula 1 (F1) Grand Prix (GP) De Monaco 2022

Important terms related to racing :

  • 107% rule :During the first phase of qualifying, any driver who fails to set a lap within 107 percent of the fastest Q1 time will not be allowed to start the race.
  • Airbox :The engine air intake above the driver’s head, which also serves as the car’s roll hoop.
  • Autoclave : A device that uses heat and pressure to ‘cure’ carbon fibre, the primary material Formula One cars are made of.
  • Backmarker: A term used to describe a driver at the rear end of the field, often when he is encountered by the race leaders. Blue flags are used to inform the backmarker when he should let a faster car past.
  • Blistering:The consequence of a tyre, or part of a tyre, overheating. Excess heat can cause rubber to soften and break away in chunks from the body of the tyre.
  • Bottoming: When a car’s chassis hits the track surface as it runs through a sharp compression and reaches the bottom of its suspension travel.
  • Brake balance: A switch in the cockpit to alter the split of the car’s braking power between the front and the rear wheels according to a driver’s wishes.
  • Camber: The angle at which a tyre leans into or away from the car relative to the vertical axis. Engineers will vary camber to improve a car’s handling characteristics.
  • CFD: Short for Computational fluid dynamics, a tool used by F1 designers that uses complex mathematics and simulation to predict aerodynamic airflow.
  • Chassis or monocoque or tub: The main part of a racing car to which the engine and suspension are attached is called the chassis.
  • Chicane: A tight sequence of corners in alternate directions. Usually inserted into a circuit to slow the cars, often just before what had been a high-speed corner.
  • Coanda effect: The tendency of a fluid jet, such as airflow, to be attracted to a nearby surface. F1 aerodynamicists use the effect to help divert airflow to specific areas of the car, for example from the exhaust exit to the rear diffuser.
  • Cockpit: The section of the chassis in which the driver sits.
  • Delta time:A term used to describe the time difference between two different laps or two different cars.
  • Downforce: The aerodynamic force that is applied in a downwards direction as a car travels forwards. This is harnessed to improve a car’s traction and its handling through corners.
  • Drag: The aerodynamic resistance experienced as a car travels forwards.
  • DRS: Also known as adjustable rear wings, DRS (Drag Reduction System) rear wings allow the driver to adjust the wing between two pre-determined settings from the cockpit.
  • ECU: Short for Electronic Control Unit, a standard unit that controls the electrical systems on all F1 cars including the engine and gearbox.
  • ERS: Energy Recovery Systems, or ERS for short, consist of Motor Generator Units that harness waste heat energy (from the turbocharger) and waste kinetic energy (from the braking system).
  • Flat spot: The term given to the area of a tyre that is worn heavily on one spot after a moment of extreme braking or in the course of a spin.
  • G-force: A physical force equivalent to one unit of gravity that is multiplied during rapid changes of direction or velocity. Drivers experience severe G-forces as they corner, accelerate and brake.
  • Gravel trap:A bed of gravel on the outside of corners designed with the aim of bringing cars that fall off the circuit to a halt.
  • HANS Device: Short for Head and Neck Support Device, a mandatory safety device that fits over the driver’s shoulders and connects to the back of the helmet to prevent excessive head and neck movement in the event of an accident.
  • Kevlar: A synthetic fibre that is combined with epoxy resin to create a strong, lightweight composite used in F1 car construction.
  • Lollipop: The sign on a stick held in front of the car during a pit stop to inform the driver to apply the brakes and then to engage first gear prior to the car being lowered from its jacks.
  • Marbles: The small pieces of tyre rubber that accumulate at the side of the track off the racing line. Typically these are very slippery when driven on.
  • Marshal: A course official who oversees the safe running of the race.
  • Parc ferme: A fenced-off area into which cars are driven after qualifying and the race, where no team members are allowed to touch them except under the strict supervision of race stewards.
  • Pits: An area of track separated from the start/finish straight by a wall, where the cars are brought for new tyres and fuel during the race, or for set-up changes in practice, each stopping at their respective pit garages.
  • Rumblestrip: A bumpy, often saw-toothed strip of kerbing usually found on the exit of a corner to warn the driver of the edge of the track.
  • Sidepod: The part of the car that flanks the sides of the monocoque alongside the driver and runs back to the rear wing, housing the radiators.
  • Slipstreaming: A driving tactic when a driver is able to catch the car ahead and duck in behind its rear wing to benefit from a reduction in drag over its body and hopefully be able to achieve a superior maximum speed to slingshot past before the next corner.
  • Steward: One of three high-ranking officials at each Grand Prix appointed to make decisions.
  • Stop-go penalty: A penalty given that involves the driver calling at his pit and stopping for 10 seconds – with no refuelling or tyre-changing allowed.
  • Tear-off strips: See-through plastic strips that drivers fit to their helmet’s visor before the start of the race and then remove as they become dirty.
  • Telemetry: A system that beams data related to the engine and chassis to computers in the pit garage so that engineers can monitor that car’s behaviour.
  • Turbocharger :Attached to the engine, a turbocharger uses an exhaust driven turbine to drive a compressor to increase the density of the intake air consumed by the engine.
  • Yaw :A term used to describe the movement of an F1 car around an imaginary vertical axis through the centre of the car.
  • Zylon: A synthetic material often found in bulletproof vests which has strong anti-penetration properties and is used to strengthen drivers’ helmets and the sides of the cockpit.


  • Indian chess master Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa has defeated world champion, Magnus Carlsen, in the FTX Crypto Cup in Miami.
  • Indian GM Praggnanandhaa posted his second win over world champion Magnus Carlsen at the Chessable Masters online rapid chess tournament.
  • The 4th edition of the Tata Steel Chess India tournament will be held in Kolkata from November 29 to December 4, 2022.
  • The team Uzbekistan has won the gold medal in the Open section of the 44th Chess Olympiad which concluded. Team Armenia won silver while the India-2 team settled for bronze in Open Section. In the women’s section, Ukraine won the gold medal. Team Georgia won the silver, while the India-1 team won the bronze medal. AR Rahman has come up with the ‘Vanakkam Chennai’  for the International Chess Olympiad, 2022.
  • Uzbekistan will host the Chess Olympiad 2026. In Chennai’s ongoing Chess Olympiad, their young team is now in the lead.
  • Viswanathan Anand was elected deputy president of the International Chess Federation or World Chess Federation (FIDE).
  • The Chennai-based chess prodigy V Pranav became India’s 75th Grandmaster by winning a tournament in Romania.
  • World Chess Day is celebrated annually on July 20. The day marks the date of the establishment of the International Chess Federation (FIDE)
  • India’s D. Gukesh won the Gijon Chess Masters at International Master Pedro Antonio Gines of Spain.
  • Indian Grandmaster D Gukesh emerged as champion in the 1st Chessable Sunway Formentera Open 2022 chess tournament in Punta Prima. He also won the La Roda tournament & the Menorca Open.

Important terms related to Chess:

  • Rook : They move vertically and horizontally as long as there are no other pieces in the way.
  • Bishop : Each player has two bishops; a bishop that only travels on white squares, and another that only travels on black squares. They move diagonally as long as there are no other pieces in the way.
  • Knight: Knights are the only pieces that can jump over other pieces! They move in an ‘L’ shape – two squares vertically and one horizontally, and vice versa.
  • Pawn :The pawn is the foot soldier – it can only move one space at a time (except for the beginning where it can move two spaces) and it can’t move backwards.
  • Checkmate : Checkmate is an attack on the King that your opponent can’t escape. In short, they lose the game!
  • Check: This is also an attack on the king, but unlike checkmate, this is one that your opponent can escape.
  • Stalemate :The player to move isn’t in check, but they can’t move any of their pieces. It’s a draw.
  • Capture: Capture refers to taking a piece from the board, so your opponent is a piece down.
  • Castling: Castling involves the king and the rook swapping positions. The king moves two spaces from the starting position to the left or right, and the rook moves to next to it on the other side. This offers your king more safety.
  • En passant : A pawn that moves two squares forward can be taken by an opposing pawn that’s directly next to it on the following move.
  • Promotion : A pawn that reaches the end of the board can become any piece you want (just not the king or another pawn).
  • Touch move: If you touch a piece, you have to move it. Once you let go of a piece, you can’t move it elsewhere. In short: no take-backsies!

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