LIC AAO Mains Quantitative Aptitude Quiz: 18th June

LIC-AAO-Mains-Quantitative-Aptitude-Quiz: 18th June

Here, we are providing free crash course for LIC AAO Mains as there is left not enough time to deal in details. The questions asked in the quantitative aptitude section are calculative and very time-consuming. But once dealt with proper strategy, speed, and accuracy, this section can get you the maximum marks in the examination. Following is the Quantitative Aptitude quiz to help you practice with the best of latest pattern questions.

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Q1. If the ages of Preeti and Reeta are added to twice the age of Swati, the total becomes 59. If the ages of Swati and Reeta are added to thrice the age of Preeti, the total becomes 68 and if the age of Preeti is added to thrice the age of Swati and thrice the age of Reeta, the total becomes 108. What is the age of Preeti?

19 years
15 years
17 years
12 years
None of these

Q2. Monthly income of Atul and Sujeet are in the ratio 5 : 4 and their expenses are in the ratio 4 : 3, If each of them saves Rs. 1200 at the end of the month, then what will be their monthly incomes respectively

Rs. 6000, Rs. 4800
Rs. 800, Rs. 6400
Rs. 8000, Rs. 7200
Rs. 2000, Rs. 1600
Rs. 5500, Rs. 4300

Q3. The ages of Vicky, Vaishali, Vijay and Vishal are in arithmetic progression, but not in order. The ratio of ages of Vicky and Vaishali is 6 : 5 and Vijay to Vishal is 7 : 8. Two years later the age of Vaishali and Vishal will be 2 : 3. Find the ratio of ages of Vicky and Vijay:

7 : 6
5 : 8
6 : 7
8 : 9
3: 5

Q4. An amount of money is to be distributed among Pankaj, Kamal and Rajan in the ration 6 : 19 : 7 respectively. If Rajan gives Rs. 200 of his share to Kamal the ratio among Pankaj, Kamal and Rajan becomes 3 : 10 : 3 respectively. What was the total amount?

Rs. 6400
Rs. 3200
Rs. 6800
Rs. 7200

Q5. The average weekly salary per head of all employees (supervisors and labourers) is Rs. 100. The average weekly salary per head of all the supervisor is Rs. 600 while the average weekly salary per head of all the labourers is Rs. 75. Find the number of supervisors in the factory if there are 840 labourers in it.


Q6. Monthly salary of Alis is 1/4 th of his father’s monthly salary. Alis’s sister’s monthly salary is 2/5th of their father’s monthly salary. Alis’s sister pays Rs 12,800, which is 1/4th of her monthly salary as study loan. Savings and expenses made out of the monthly salary by Alis are in the respective ratio of 3 : 5. How much does Alis save each month?

Rs 12,000
Rs 10,600
Rs 10,400
Rs 12,600
Rs 12,400

Q7. Pranshi’s age 8 years ago is equal to the sum of present ages of her son and her daughter. 5 years hence, the ratio between her son’s age and her daughter’s age will be 7 : 6 respectively. Pranshi’s husband is 7 years elder than her. Her husband’s present age is thrice the present age of his son. What is their daughter’s present age?

10 years
14 years
12 years
15 years
9 years

Q8. Quantity 1: Number of electric poles counted in 4 hr. A man, in a moving bus, counted electric poles which are stand on the side of the road. The distance between each two electric poles is 44 meter and speed of the bus is 55 km/hr. 

Quantity 2: Mark price of the article. The cost price of the article is Rs 1950. A shopkeeper sells the article at a profit of 10% if he wants to mark a certain amount on the article and gives a discount of 25%, the profit of the article is same as previous.

Quantity I > Quantity II
Quantity I < Quantity II
Quantity I ≥ Quantity II
Quantity I ≤ Quantity II
Quantity I = Quantity II or No relation

Q9. Quantity 2: Time for which bus stopped in an hour. A bus reached at the destination without stoppage at an average speed of 50 km/hr and when the bus is stopped at each bus station then the average speed of the bus is 45 km/hr. 

Quantity 1: Speed of A. 30 km of a distance A can cover in 2 hours more than B, if A doubled his speed then he reached at destination before 1 hr from B.

Quantity I > Quantity II
Quantity I < Quantity II
Quantity I ≥ Quantity II
Quantity I ≤ Quantity II
Quantity I = Quantity II or No relation

Q10. Quantity 1: The correct average of marks. The average marks in Science subject of a class of 20 students is 68. The marks of two students were misread as 48 and 65 instead of the actual marks 72 and 61 respectively. 

Quantity 2: No. of days taken by B to complete the whole work alone. A can complete a work alone in 64 days. He worked for 24 days and left the work. A second person B can do two fifth of the remaining work in 15 days.

Quantity I > Quantity II
Quantity I < Quantity II
Quantity I ≥ Quantity II
Quantity I ≤ Quantity II
Quantity I = Quantity II or No relation

Directions (11-15): What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following number series? 

Q11. 12 12 18 45 180 1170 ?


Q12. 444 467 513 582 674 789 ?


Q13. 40280625 732375 16275 465 18.6 1.24 ?


Q14. 963 927 855 747 603 423 ?


Q15. 10 15 15 12.5 9.375 6.5625 ?



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