List of Important Days in July 2020- National And International Important Dates in July

List of Important Days in July 2020: If you are preparing for competitive exams or want to keep your GK up to date, then you must go through the list of Important Days in July 2020. This list contains days of National and International Importance and will help you to score in the static GK questions asked in Bank, SSC, UPSC, State PCS, Teaching and other competitive exams. This can also in general be usefull to stay updated and prepare for GD and Interview rounds. So here are some important days in July you should know about.

List of Important Days National and International in July 2020

Date Special Day
July 1st Doctor’s Day
National Postal Worker Day
Canada Day
Chartered Accountant Day
July 2nd World UFO Day
July 4th USA’s Independence Day
July 6th World Zoonoses Day
July 11th World Population Day
July 12th National Simplicity Day
Paper Bag Day
World Malala Day
July 14th Bastille Day
July 17th World Day for International Justice
July 18th International Nelson Mandela Day
July 22nd Pi Approximation Day
July 24th National Thermal Engineer Day
July 26th Kargil Vijay Diwas
National Parents Day
July 28th World Nature Conservation Day
World Hepatitis Day
July 29th International Tiger Day

July 1st

July 1st is observed for a number of special days. Doctor’s Day is observed to celebrate the importance of medical professionals and the medical field in our life. 

Similarly, National Postal Day is observed to offer honor to all those people who are involved in the profession of handling and delivering mails.

Canada Day is celebrated as the formation day of the province. 

Chartered Accountant Day started being observed since 1949 as one of the biggest professional finance bodies across the world. 

July 2nd

World UFO Day started being observed since the year 2001. The day is observed to spread awareness about life that exists apart from on the Earth. 

July 4th

The USA celebrates its independence day every year on the 4th of July. The country got its independence from Great Britain in the year 1776 on the same day.

July 6th

World Zoonoses Day is observed for spreading awareness about the disease of Zoonotic and educating people on how to deal with it. This particular date is selected for observing the day because it was on 6th July 1885, when Louis Pasteur administrated the first vaccination against the disease. 

July 11th

On July 11th, World Population Day is observed to raise awareness of people towards the increasing number of population across the world. The rising population has led to a number of other problems such as deforestation and this is a matter of concern. 

July 12th

On July 12th, there are three different special days to observe and these are National Simplicity Day, Paper Bag Day, and World Malala Day. 

National Simplicity Day is observed to honor Henry David Thoreau who was a famous philosopher, author, and a great personality but still led a life of simplicity 

Paper Bag Day is to recognize the importance of paper bags in our daily life. It was first introduced in the year 1852 and it is a great option to replace plastic and reduce pollution. 

World Malala Day is observed across the globe to honor the rights of women and children. It was only after the Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai spoke up about such rights when the UN declared a day on her name. 

July 14th

Bastille Day is observed on July 14th that is also known as French Day. It is said that it was on July 14th in the year 1789 that a turning point came up in the French Revolution. 

July 17th

World Day for International Justice is observed on July 17th each year. It is observed to recognize the justice system prevailing across the world. 

July 18th

Who is not aware of Nelson Mandela? July 18th is observed as International Nelson Mandela Day to honor his legacy and remind the world about his great personality and works. 

July 22nd

July 22nd is observed as Pi Approximation Day to celebrate the importance of and value of Pi. This day also coincides with the birthday of Albert Einstein. 

July 24th

National Thermal Engineer Day is observed on this day to show how the thermal engineering industry has advanced today. 

July 26th

It was on this day when the massive war of Kargil was ended. The day is observed to honor the sacrifices of the soldiers to win the battle of Kargil that lasted for 60 long days. 

On the same day, National Parents Day is observed. This day is celebrated to recognize the unconditional love of parents towards their kids. 

July 28th

World Nature Conservation Day is observed on July 28th each year to spread awareness about the need to keep the environment healthy. 

World Hepatitis Day is also observed on this same day to raise awareness about the disease and also to curb the impacts of the disease. 

July 29th

International Tiger Day is now a big move to conserve tigers that otherwise will become an endangered species. It is on July 29th each year that the day is observed for the promotion of tiger protection. 

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