MISC. Quiz Based on New Pattern For IBPS/SBI CLERK/PO Exam

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Dear Students, As we’ve all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO exam..but now every single day Questions are changing. IBPS is surprising all of us by asking CAT Exam pattern Questions. 
So now we’ve decided to help and guide all of you to Sail through these unpredictable Bank Exams. 
Every day,  we’ll provide Quizzes based on the new pattern and some other new type of Questions that also might be asked in the upcoming exams. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and familiar with all possible type of questions. We’ll also post the tricks and approach to nail unexpected pattern questions. 

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, a word has been used in sentences in four different ways. Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.
Q1. Bark
(a) The street was noisy with the vendors barking their wares.
(b) The rhinoceros is famous for its very thick bark.
(c) You seem to be barking up the wrong tree in blaming your neighbour.
(d) The bark of the cinnamon tree is used as a spice.
(e) None of the Above is correct.

Q2. Cover
(a) It appears as if the ruling coalition is trying to cover the scandal.
(b The new book on the history of science covers a lot of ground.
(c) I am unwilling to cover for her in the meeting.
(d) The project was a cover for intelligence operations.
(e) None of the Above is correct.
Q3. Inform 
(a) The policy is based on the principles that inform bilateral relations.
(b) As an expert musician, he is well informed with the keyboard.
(c) Compassion for  fellow beings informs all her novels.
(d) The Prime Minster was informed about the crisis in the party.
(e) None of the Above is correct.
Q4. Give 
(a) She gave birth last Thursday.
(b) The students gave the IBPS CLERK EXAM last Sunday.  
(c) The professor freely gave of his time to the students.
(d) As the time passed, optimism gave place to worry.
(e) None of the Above is correct.
Q5. Pass 
(a) The throne passed to the king’s son.
(b) The court passed on the legality of the wiretapping.
(c) My experience of the Himalayas passed all expectations.
(d)He is not the one to pass an opportunity for promotion.
(e) None of the Above is correct.
Directions (6-15): In each of the following questions, a paragraph with a blank is given. From the five choices given below, select the sentence which can go into the blank to make the paragraph logically coherent.
Q6. In the past, hosting a party meant ringing friends, organising food and drink and ensuring that the venue was in order. (————) There is the event manager who picks a theme and supplies the props, be it decorations, deejays, dancers or appearances by movie stars. The final product is intended to be a cocktail of novelty, glamour and designer brands that get noticed and mentioned.
(a) In India marriage is an ostentatious custom with greater spending power.
(b) Today, the New Age Indian party is a one-night-only small-scale enterprise an event requiring specialised staff.
(c) Today it is parties that have become social statements and battlegrounds of one-upmanship.
(d) But India wants to party today and party some more tomorrow.
(e) Throwing grand parties is fast becoming a status symbol.
Q7. The Indian government’s attempt to tap the clout and wealth of the hugely successful diaspora to boost the domestic economy and serve the national interest in the international arena is laudable. But it has to give a value proposition to the NRI community, lest it is more than happy in the cosy comforts that the west has to offer. The diaspora’s attitude towards India is still patronising but it may not simply run to help India in its hour of need. It would want counter guarantees. (————-)
(a) Risk evaluation precedes patriotism.
(b) China, due to its trade-friendly policies, has been able to get its diaspora to invest heavily while we are still lagging behind.
(c) What should concern us is the regular exodus of brilliant students from the IITs, IIMs and medical colleges who see greener pastures overseas.
(d) It is shameful that for an Indian to be recognised, he first has to leave the country.
(e) Can we look up to the diaspora to help Indians in their hour of need?
Q8. Jammu and Kashmir is faced with a possibility of another draught – the fourth one in five years. The winter continues to be dry in the Kashmir valley. There is no snow, despite temperatures dropping to a low of 6 degrees Celsius. (———-) Thus poor snowfall ensures that the draught continues well into summer.
(a) Poor snow has kept skeins away this season.
(b) Environmentalists blame the weather change on deforestation and fear it could get worse if logging is not checked
(c) The drought will adversely impact agriculture, horticulture and power generation in the state.
(d) Heavy snowfall during the winter is always welcome as it guarantees more water during the summers.
(e) People of Jammu and Kashmir are gearing up for another severe draught and they themselves have to be blamed for it.
Q9. Scientists say that intensely imagining doing something wires the areas of the brain that will be involved once you get down to the same task. Such visualisation creates new connections which help during the real things. Whether in work or in life, especially while making major decisions, it does help to imagine the doing and the outcome. The same applies to one’s moods as well. (———) So smile.
(a) Imagine intensely a good mood, especially when feeling low, and soon you most probably will be in good mood.
(b) A happy person may turn into a melancholy person overnight as a result of some experience.
(c) Moods and emotions spread irresistibly whenever people are near one another, even if they are total strangers.
(d) Research confirms that moods are contagious.
(e) Visualisation enhances a persons chance of attaining his goal.
Q10. Indians are passionate about cricket. (———–) Player’s safety is the BCCI’s responsibility. Cricket should be played as a sport which is a pleasant pastime.
(a) In sports, winning is secondary to participation.
(b) Unfortunately crowd behaviour is becoming increasingly unpredictable.
(c) A match is always disrupted by an unruly crowd.
(d) The Duckworth laws method should be used only when natural events play spoil sports.
(e) In sports, sportsmanship is fast becoming a rare commodity.
Q11. (—————–) An engineering degree, even from an IIT, is not sufficient to get a job, without an MBA from another reputed institute. In such a competitive economic scenario, only they succeed who present their and their company’s case professionally. It is only natural, therefore for companies to choose those with an edge over others.
(a) Handling insecurity of not getting a job in a sluggish economy is a reality for an average 21 year old.
(b) Institutions of international repute like IIMs and IITs have not met their placement targets for the year.
(c) The IT industry has frozen recruitment for a long time.
(d) Projecting yourself positively to the market is very important as there is always a cut throat competition.
(e) The job situation in India has worsened so much that a single qualification is now insufficient for landing a job.
Q12. One of the most important things a child enjoys is playing. (————-) And toys are the best medium through which a child can become aware of the different concepts of life and his surroundings. It helps them relieve their tensions, frustrations and emotions, as toys are treated both as ‘companions’ and ‘confidants’.
(a) It is the essential joy of childhood where children learn about themselves their environment and the people around them.
(b) For a child anything that attracts attention serves as a toy.
(c) Toys thus have an exciting role in helping children to become mature, confident and imaginative adults.
(d) Children bring boundless energy and imagination to their plays with toys.
(e) The best way to teach students is through a play way method.
Q13. Spirituality is the new buzzword with everyone from the glitterati to the common folk. But there is another unlikely sphere that the new-age attitude of ‘changing from within’ has seeped into the corporate world. Many corporate houses are getting spiritual gurus to train their employees to be better people. (————-) Workshops on spirituality help a person get in touch with his spiritual self, change his interpersonal skills drastically and help manage stress better.
(a) With cut throat competition, high-pressure jobs and deadlines to meet, employees need to learn how to manage themselves well.
(b) When a person is trained in superficial skills, the heart of a person is not in the change.
(c) Earlier companies focused on IQ; then the focus shifted to EQ.
(d) Management workshops cannot bring about fundamental changes or total transformation in a person.
(e) In todays, world one needs to strike a balance between mechanization and spirituality
Q14. Diamonds used to be the rich girl’s best friend. (——–) The latest designs cater to the image the modern urban woman wants to project. They are advertised as ‘celebrating’ freedom of expression.
(a) The affordability of trendy diamond jewelry is probably the cutting edge over traditional gold jewelry.
(b) Now it is the girl-next door’s best friend.
(c) There is a wide and exciting range of diamonds.
(d) While purchasing diamond jewelry, women look for exclusivity and are willing to pay more for it.
(e) Belgium is famous for diamonds and glass.
Q15. Life in India is cheap. Dozens die untimely deaths everyday because of road or rail accidents.
Such deaths are good news for the media because they get their story of the day. And bad news of course for families of the victims. (————) Loss of a life doesn‘t mean anything to us, unless it’s our life.
(a) Time was when ministers resigned, owning moral responsibility for an accident.
(b) Never in its history did the country witness so many rail accidents as it has in recent years.
(c) But for the rest of the millions and millions, such news is not news.
(d) By the time an enquiry is conducted to decide whether it’s sabotage or human error, the accident is forgotten.
(e) In India poverty rules the roost, and hence death comes easy.

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