Mobile Apps Launched for Coronavirus Pandemic in India

Coronavirus Apps: Coronavirus has created much mess in the market of India because it is affecting the lives of people. The latest report of the Health Minister of India claims that more than 4,000 people have reported positive for the coronavirus. Also, more than 100 people have died because of the spread of the coronavirus. Every state is trying best to reach each person of their land through mobile applications. 

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The main motive of developing mobile applications is to reach people and help them to learn about the effects of the coronavirus. All these applications are putting a positive impact on the mind of people. Gradually, every citizen is listening to the orders of the government and trying to support their government. 

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People can easily reach these applications from android as well as apple mobiles. They can read new facts and causes related to the coronavirus. The recently launched government app named Aarogya Setu has a fantastic tracking facility that is providing help to various people across India. 

Here comes the list of governments that launched an app that has helped people in learning Coronavirus better with time. The awareness has helped to fight against the virus, and those apps have given below:

Aarogya Setu

It is an official mobile app that has been launched by the National Informatics Centre. The Aarogya Setu is available for both the apple and android phone users. It helps in activating users to precisely learn about the impact of the coronavirus on the world. It also helps in providing some advisory health practices to the people so that they can protect themselves from the coronavirus. 

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COVA Punjab

It is a widespread mobile application for people by the State government of Punjab. The app is available on both the stores that are Google play store and apple app store. People can quickly receive information by using the COVA Punjab application. The app helps in telling the confirmed cases and the latest updates. It also helps in ensuring the prevention steps and measures to protect family members. 

Corona Kavach

The corona Kavach is organized by the union ministry of information and electronics technology with the help of the association of health and welfare ministry. It is entirely available on Google play store, and it helps in ensuring the rate of infected people across India. It also includes information related to deaths, cured people, and real-time cases around the whole of India. 


The Mahakavach is organized by the innovation society of Maharashtra, and it helps in tracking the quarantine time. It helps in clearing the doubt of people related to the coronavirus and helps in giving correct information about real-time cases. 

Test yourself Goa

The test yourself Goa is a top-rated app developed by the collaboration of Innovaccer with the health ministry of Goa. The app includes a particular survey with six questions, and people need to answer these questions to self-test the symptoms.

All these mobile applications are helping people to self-diagnose from the spread of the coronavirus. People can quickly learn the symptoms and impacts of the coronavirus on the lives of earth. The government is spreading high awareness and measures among people.

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