Night Class: Quant Quiz for IBPS/BOB Exam

Q1. The average weight of four boys A, B, C, and D is 75 kg. The fifth boy E is included and the average weight decreases by 4 kg. A is replaced by F. The weight of F is 6 kg more than E. Average weight decreases because of the replacement of A and now the average weight is 72 kg. Find the weight of A.
(a) 57 kg 
(b) 54 kg 
(c) 56 kg 
(d) 60 kg 
(e) 58 kg

Q2. If a discount of 16% is given on the marked price of a book, the publisher gains 20%. If the discount is increased to 20% the gain percent is
(a) 14 2/7%
(b) 14 1/7%
(c) 14 3/7%
(d) 14 4/7%
(e) 14 5/7%
Q3. In 165 litres of mixtures of milk and water, water is only 28%. The milkman sold 40 litres of this mixture and then he added 30 litres of pure milk and 13 litres of pure water in the remaining mixture. What is the percentage of water in the final mixture?
(a) 29.35% 
(b) 28. 57% 
(c) 24. 57% 
(d) 27. 75% 
(e) 26. 57%
Q4. A rectangular plot has a concrete path running inner side of the plot is used as a lawn, which has an area of 432 sq.m. If the width of the path is 4 m and the length of the plot is greater than its breadth by 2m, what is the area of the rectangular plot?
(a) 980 m^2 
(b) 975 m^2 
(c) 984 m^2 
(d) 960 m^2 
(e) 965 m^2
Q5. Difference between the compound interest and the simple interest accrued on an amount of Rs. 18000 in two years is Rs. 405. What was the rate of interest?
(a) 14% 
(b) 16% 
(c) 12.5% 
(d) 15% 
(e) 15.5%
Q6. 12 men can complete any work in 36 days. 18 women can complete the same piece of work in 60 days. 8 men and 20 women work together for 20 days. If only the women were to complete the remaining work in 4 days, then how many women would be required?
(a) 60 
(b) 74 
(c) 68 
(d) 75 
(e) 70
Q7. Out of 5 women and 4 men, a committee of three members is to be formed in such a way that at least one member is woman. In how many different ways can this be done?
(a) 60 
(b) 100 
(c) 120 
(d) 90 
(e) 80
Q8. Excluding the stoppages, the speed of a bus is 64 km/hr and including the stoppages the speed of the bus is 48km/hr. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?
(a) 15 min 
(b) 10 min 
(c) 12 min 
(d) 20 min 
(e) 18 min
Q9. A box contains 2 black, 3 orange and 4 pink ribbons. If two ribbons are drawn at random. What is the probability that both are orange?
(a) 5/12
(b) 1/13
(c) 1/14
(d) 1/12
(e) 1/24
Q10. Pradeep invested 20% more than Mohit. Mohit invested 10% less than Raghu. If the total sum of their investment is Rs. 17880, how much amount did Raghu invested?
(a) Rs. 5000 
(b) Rs. 6500 
(c) Rs. 6000 
(d) Rs. 7500 
(e) Rs. 5500
Directions (11-15): What value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following number series?

Q11. 15, 21, 31, 45, ?
(a) 61 
(b) 62 
(c) 64 
(d) 73 
(e) 63
Q12. 39, 48, 66, 93, 129, ?
(a) 171 
(b) 178 
(c) 164 
(d) 174 
(e) 163
Q13. 274, 137, 68, 33, 15, ?
(a) 5.5 
(b) 4.5 
(c) 5 
(d) 3.5 
(e) 4
Q14. 11, 36, 104, 317, ?
(a) 963 
(b) 958 
(c) 945 
(d) 973 
(e) 963
Q15. 6  9  15  27  51  ?
(a) 84
(b) 99
(c) 123
(d) 75
(e) None of these

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