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Once-in-a-Generation’ Bomb Cyclone Hits US

In 2022, the US got hit by the once-in-a-generation Bomb Cyclone. Bomb Cyclone brought high winds and blizzard conditions from the Northern Plains to western and upstate New York, along with life-threatening flooding and flash-freezing. These harsh weather conditions led to 5700+ flight cancelations and grounded thousands of travelers at airports.

What is Bomb Cyclone?

Bomb Cyclone is the short term for Bombogenesis. Bomb Cyclone is a mid-latitude cyclone. Bomb Cyclone is also known as Explosive Cyclogenesis.

When Does Bomb Cyclone Happen?

A bomb cyclone happens when atmospheric pressure in the middle of the storm drops at least 24 millibars over 24 hours drop suddenly. The lower the pressure, the stronger the storm.

When distinct air masses (cold, dry) combine, a bomb cyclone is created. Warm air rises, generating a cloud formation that lowers air pressure and develops into a storm that circles the low-pressure area in an anticlockwise direction.

What are the weather conditions caused by Bomb Cyclone?

  1. Extreme low temperature
  2. High Precipitation
  3. Extreme low visibility
  4. Floods
  5. Blizzards
  6. Strong Winds

At What Places Do Bomb Cyclones Normally Occur?

The U.S. Eastern Seaboard is one of the regions where bombogenesis is most common. That’s because storms in the midlatitudes—a temperate zone north of the tropics that includes the entire continental U.S.—draw their energy from large temperature contrasts. Along the U.S. East Coast during winter, there’s a naturally potent thermal contrast between the cool land and the warm Gulf Stream current.

What are regions which are affected by Bomb Cyclone in 2022?

Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan, while flash flooding inundated communities across several northeast states.

Can India be hit by Bomb Cyclone?

No. Bomb Cyclones are a mid-latitude/ temperate region phenomenon. India lies in the tropical region.

How Bomb Cyclones are different from tropical cyclones/ hurricanes?

Factor Bomb Cyclone Tropical Cyclone
Region Mid Latitude/ Temperate Region Tropical region
Time Winter Summer
Areas Northwestern Atlantic, northwestern Pacific and sometimes the Mediterranean Sea. Tropical Waters
Cold air strengthens Bomb Cyclone Cold air weakens Hurricanes

What are the other cyclones hit USA in 2022?

Total 14

With most dangerous : Ian Nicole and Fiona

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