Paragraph Completion Quiz Based on New Pattern For IBPS/SBI CLERK/PO Exam

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Dear Students, As we’ve all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO exam..but now every single day Questions are changing. IBPS is surprising all of us by asking CAT Exam pattern Questions. 
So now we’ve decided to help and guide all of you to Sail through these unpredictable Bank Exams. 
Every day,  we’ll provide Quizzes based on the new pattern and some other new type of Questions that also might be asked in the upcoming exams. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and familiar with all possible type of questions. We’ll also post the tricks and approach to nail unexpected pattern questions. 

Directions (1-15): In each of the following questions, a paragraph with a blank is given. From the five choices given below, select the sentence which can go into the blank to make the paragraph logically coherent.

Q1. For the market place to work effectively, the government has to lay down uniform rules for everyone and enforce them impartially. [__________] The interest of foreign businesses should not be given undue importance.
(a) Foreign trade contributes very effectively to the nation’s exchequer.
(b) Foreign trade results in slump in the sales of indigenous products.
(c) The rules should be framed with the interest of the ordinary investor and the average citizen in mind.
(d) The government’s main business is ensuring fair play.
(e) Multinational companies can deter the progress of indigenous industries.
Q2. Every school has one or more staff members who are passionate about technology, their enthusiasm is contagious. [__________] Consequently they never miss attending seminars and conferences.
(a) They may seem unapproachable or intimidating.
(b) They are obsessed about keeping themselves updated.
(c) In their zeal to move ahead, they may leave others behind.
(d) Most educators of today did not take courses in computer application in college.
(e) It is good to have around people who are enthusiastic about computers.
Q3. The education sector in India is poised for great change in the next decade, a move accelerated by the onslaught of information technology. [__________] The demand for innovative and committed teachers is expected to rise dramatically.
(a) Computers can do everything a teacher can do but they can never replace the teacher.
(b) Teachers are likely to be replaced by computers.
(c) Teachers working with young children play a crucial role in the child’s development.
(d) It is generally believed that teaching is a career mainly suited for women.
(e) The teacher will continue to be the backbone of such a system.
Q4. The technology of computer and communication has facilitated globalization. [__________] Multinational companies will not hesitate to impose their will on developing countries in order to promote their interests.
(a) Globalisation was the watch word of the last decade of the Twentieth century.
(b) The exploits of the Multi National Companies may lead to an early exhaustion of non-renewable resources.
(c) MNCs can take undue advantage by using their power of monopoly.
(d) Globalisation is popular among developed countries.
(e) Globalisation has its own share of dangers.
Q5. In the middle ages, Latin was the language of learning in the countries of Europe. In the eighteenth century, national languages displaced Latin. [__________] English has become the best, perhaps the only medium through which communication with a wide audience is possible.
(a) In Germany, doctors began to use German.
(b) Greek was the language in which medical treatises appeared.
(c) In the last few decades, there has been a further change.
(d) In the field of medicine, though German still occupies a place of importance, the general trend is towards English.
(e) In the modern ages, English is the language of learning in most parts of the world.
Q6. Erosion takes place everywhere on earth. There are several forces of erosion – glaciers which carry rocks weighing thousands of tons, frost which causes small cracks on rock sides, strong winds which wear away exposes rocks in deserts. [__________] Water carries chemicals dissolved in it, that soften rocks, this softening is the first state of erosion called weathering.
(a) Hills and mountains were away by process of erosion.
(b) Rain water which runs into stream and rivers carry the weathered rocks away.
(c) After millions of years all the hills and mountains would have worn away completely by erosion.
(d) The greatest cause of erosion, however, is the action of water on rocks.
(e) To preserve the environment must be our top priority.
Q7. An earthquake strikes without warning. [__________] If it strikes a modern city, the damage it causes is as great as if it has struck a primitive village. Gas mains burst, explosions are caused and fires are started.
(a) The statistics from the past are terrifying.
(b) When it strikes, its power is immense.
(c) Gaping caves appear in busy streets.
(d) Whole buildings crumble like a pack of cards.
(e) Scientists are studying the cause of the earthquake.
Q8. Without sunlight there could be no form of life as we know it and all man’s basic needs can be ultimately traced back to the sun. [__________] The Sun also indirectly provides man with water, for the heat of the sun causes the damp air over the seas to rise and form clouds which cool at a high altitude and consequently fall as rain.
(a) Rainfall results in the formation of lakes and rivers which in turn supply man with water.
(b) Plants provide food for man and animals.
(c) By its light and warmth the sun directly creates the necessary conditions for man’s survival.
(d) Animals are another source of food for man.
(e) Forests need to be protected to prevent draughts and preserve animal life.
Q9. The existence of a hierarchy helps to assure order and discipline, and these things are important among monkeys just as they are among human beings. [__________] Whenever people are brought together, they will only be able to reach decisions quickly if some kind of hierarchy is established. Every jury needs a foreman, every cricket team needs a captain, the same is true of monkeys.
(a) They permit the making of quick decisions.
(b) Monkeys groom themselves systematically and exhibit great discipline while doing so.
(c) It enables equality among individuals.
(d) Hierarchy has come into existence to avoid infighting.
(e) Some form of leadership is essential for man and animals.
Q10. Agricultural pests are winning the battle against the poisonous chemicals in pesticides. As each new chemical pesticide is used, the insects or rodents gradually become used to it. [__________] Therefore farmers, scientists and food planners are trying a new method to control the pests that attack their crops.
(a) The consumption of pesticides gradually makes the pests and rodents immune to them.
(b) The pests change so that they are not killed by the poison.
(c) Using pesticides is not a fool-proof method to avoid pests.
(d) The power of resistance among pests is very high.
(e) Scientists are trying to identify suitable pesticides to keep away the pests that attack crops.
Q11. Heart disease is the enemy number one of the human body in our time. [__________] Heart disease has outstripped cancer, accidents and infections as causes of death. In developing countries as well this trend is apparent, now that fewer people die of infection and more children survive the diseases of childhood.
(a) Heart disease occurs only among smokers and alcoholics.
(b) It affects every human being irrespective of age.
(c) It accounts for the largest number of deaths in all affluent societies.
(d) Heart disease is caused when the arteries are blocked by cholesterol.
(e) Heart disease has become so common that it does not leave behind even the youngsters.
Q12. It is a fact that educated class has small families and the other which makes up the very large majority does not pay any attention to the size of the family. [__________] It is not possible for them to see that this unchecked population growth will make them, if not poorer, not any better either. Further, due to ignorance, these poor uneducated are scared of birth control methods fearing its physical ill effects and thus are unwilling to restrict the size of their families.
(a) As they are uneducated they are unable to realize that a large family makes the already burgeoning population increase beyond sustainable limits.
(b) They believe that a couple of extra children, from their boyhood/girlhood will earn a bit to augment the family kitty.
(c) They are not aware of the various methods of birth control.
(d) They are oblivious to the fact that early marriages decrease the generation intervals and thus increase the population still more.
(e) In India among some communities ignorance and fear of birth control methods has led to oversized family structure.
Q13. A creative child’s hidden talent can be identified from a very early age itself. These children believe that they are pursuing what they perceive to be really worthwhile. If there is a teacher who can play the positive role of a facilitator, to kindle the creativity at an early age wonderful results can be achieved. [__________]
(a) Creative children cannot mingle freely with other children.
(b) Creative children need special schools to nurture their talents.
(c) Creative children can master their needs with minimum level of guidance.
(d) The school environment provides positive stimulus in exciting the creativity among these children.
(e) Ordinary children need greater motivation than creative children.
Q14. Greed is an essential part of human make up and is the driving force behind corruption. Greed can be suppressed and cannot be totally eliminated, and consequently corruption can be minimized and cannot be totally eradicated. (—————) The public life would gradually become cleaner.
(a) Corrupt politicians should not be voted to power.
(b) Corrupt government employees should be sacked.
(c) If subjects like integrity, honesty and the good of all are taught to the students in the early grades of education, the growing up generations will have a distaste for corruption.
(d) Corruption can be reduced if poverty can be minimized.
(e) A strict law to Punish corrupt politicians must be framed.
Q15. It has now become a fashion among the self-financing colleges to take pride in working for more number of days, without any concern for providing students sufficient time for self-learning. It is wrong to believe that a mere increase in the number of working days improves the quality of education. (———) Producing good results is not the only objective of educational institutions and academic success is not the only factor that determines success in future endeavors.
(a) Too much of instruction can curb the creativity of students.
(b) Students need time for intellectual pursuits.
(c) Ample rest should be provided to the students for better performance.
(d) What matters in imparting education is not the number of working days, but the quantum of knowledge gained by the students.
(e) Intellectual pursuits require ample freedom.

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