Push Yourself As No One Else Is Going To Do It For You

Looking for motivation to make a go in life? There are times in life when you have feel that the life is not taking you anywhere. A river that takes you in the same direction is know to be as smooth one but when the stream is against you, you have to fight for surviving in the river. What if you don’t fight in the river which has the stream just the opposite of your destination. Will you leave your sail to allow river to move you in its steam flow direction?  No,  right? If you do, than either you will die of drowning or will reach somewhere else where you are not meant to be.

“Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible”

For surviving or reaching your destination you have to struggle. Like in the case of river, you have to sail your boat against the stream. No matter how much energy and puch force is needed, you have to fight in order to keep yourself safe and to reach the exact destination. The same applies to life if you don’t push yourself, you will not reach the desired destination. There may be time when you will fail to survive even because you didn’t choosed to push yourself. The struggle of pushing will make you the winner. No one else will push you because the journey is yours and you have to deal with it. Your inner strength will only help you to emerge as the warrior. So, push yourself to pursue your goal as no one else understands your journey other than you.

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