Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For RBI Attendant 2021- 31th March

Q1. An alloy ‘A’ made of Copper and Zinc contain 40% copper and another alloy ‘B’ having same elements contain 30% zinc. A new alloy is made by mixing both alloys which contain 60% copper. Find the ratio of quantity of alloy A and alloy B in the new alloy?
(a) 1 : 2
(b) 3 : 4
(c) 2 : 1
(d) 4 : 3
(e) 5 : 3

Q2. A mixture of milk and water contains 75% milk. If 8 liter of mixture is taken out and 7 liters of milk is added, then ratio of milk to water becomes 7 : 2. Find the quantity of mixture initially.
(a) 75 L
(b) 64 L
(c) 68 L
(d) 56 L
(e) 40 L

Q3. Manoj invests Rs. 1800 in two parts at SI at 4% and x% for two years. When he invests larger part at x% and smaller part at 4% then he gets total of Rs. 164 as interest and when he invests larger part at 4% and smaller part at x% then he gets total of Rs. 160 as interest. Find value of x%?
(a) 5%
(b) 6%
(c) 3%
(d) 7%
(e) None of these

Q4. Harsh borrow Rs. 400 at 10% rate of interest. He paid Rs.200 and Rs.64 at the end of 1st and 2nd year respectively. Then find how much money he will pay at the end of 3rd year to clear his debt?
Rs. 200
Rs. 240
Rs. 264
Rs. 220
Rs. can’t be determined.

Q5. A container has mixture of water and acid in which water is 40% out of total mixture of 50 lit. if 30 lit of the mixture is taken out and 50 lit of another mixture of water and acid is added and in second mixture acid is 40%, then find ratio of water to acid in final mixture.

Q6. A, B and C invest in a partnership in ratio 5:3:7 and investment of A is Rs. 200 less than investment of C. Partner B invests for 1/5 th and A and C invest for 1/12 th and 1/15 th respectively of total time of investment. If profit of B is Rs. 800 more than that of C than find profit of A.
Rs. 1000
Rs. 2500
Rs. 2800
Rs. 1400
Rs. 3600

Q7. Manoj invested a sum at x% per annum at C.I. If first year and second year C.I on that sum is Rs. 845 and Rs. 910 Find Amount invested?
(a) Rs. 10985
(b) Rs. 10000
(c) Rs. 13000
(d) Rs. 10900
(e) Rs. 13985

Q8. Harish borrowed certain sum from Harsh for 2 years at SI. Harish lent this sum to Dinesh at the same rate for 2 years at Compound Interest. At the end of second year, Harish received Rs 550 as compound interest but paid Rs 500 as simple interest. Find the rate of interest.

Q9. Two type of rice Rs.90 per kg and Rs. 40 per kg are mixed in the ratio of 5 :3, then what will be the price per kg of the mixture?
Rs 67.25
Rs 72.75
Rs 75.5
Rs 62.25
Rs 71.25

Q11. Dinesh started a business with investing Rs 12000 and after some months, Sunny joined with investing Rs 9000. At the end of the year, total profit was Rs 8000 and share of Sunny is Rs 1600. Find after how many months did sunny joined in the business?
6 months
4 months
9 months
3 months
8 months

Q12. If the compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years is Rs 308 and simple interest at same rate of interest and for same time is 280. Find the sum?
Rs 700
Rs 1200
Rs 1100
Rs 500
Rs 900

Q13. A sum of money amounts to Rs 868 in 4 years at a simple interest. If the rate of interest increased by 25%, then the sum amounts to Rs 910 during the same period. Find the sum?
Rs 650
Rs 750
Rs 850
Rs 700
Rs 600

Q14. A vessel contains 240 liters of petrol. 20 liters of petrol taken out from it and completely replaced by kerosene and then again from the mixture 20 liters of mixture taken out and completely replaced by kerosene. Find the remaining quantity of petrol in the final mixture.
166.67 lit
233.33 lit
217.17 lit
165.5 lit
201.67 lit

Q15. A invested Rs.2000 and B invested Rs.500 more than A. After 8 months C invested Rs.1500. At the end of the year C got profit of Rs.350. Find total profit.
(a) Rs.3500
(b) Rs.4200
(c) Rs.2800
(d) Rs.4900
(e) Rs.2100

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