Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For SBI, IBPS Prelims 2021- 31st March

Q1. The average weight of a class of 45 girls is 53 kg. It was latter found that weight of two girls was read as 49 kg and 57 kg instead of 45 kg and 52 kg. Find the actual average weight of the class.
(a) 54 kg
(b) 53.40 kg
(c) 50.6 kg
(d) 52.80 kg
(e) 51.5 kg

Q2. Average score of Sachin in his initial 40 matches is ‘a’. In next two matches he scores 112 and 99 runs so that his average increased by 2 runs. Find his new average?
(a) 63.5
(b) 67.5
(c) 67
(d) 65.5

Q3. Average of first three no. out of seven no. is 11 more than average of seven no. and 5th , 6th and 7th no. are 8, 5 and 29 less than average of seven number respectively. If 4th no. is 89, then find average of initial three no.
(a) 80
(b) 70
(c) 81
(d) 91
(e) 61

Q4. In an examination, a candidate obtains 20% marks and fails by 75marks while another candidate obtains 55% marks and passed by 20% of the maximum marks. What are the passing marks?
(a) 275
(b) 175
(c) 225
(d) 500
(e) 125

Q5. The average age of Amit, Dharam and Ankit at the time of the marriage of Dharam was 40 years. After one year a child was born to Dharam and after 5 years of marriage the average of all of them is 36 years. What was the age of the bride at the time of marriage?
(a) 30
(b) 40
(c) 36
(d) 42
(e) 32

Q6. Ratio between age of Veer and Sameer six years ago was 3 : 7 and six years hence will be 5 : 9. Find the ratio between present age of Veer and Sameer?
(a) 2 : 3
(b) 1 : 4
(c) 1 : 3
(d) 1 : 2
(e) 1 : 5

Q8. Average age of a group of 30 people is 24 years. If two persons of age 20 year and 30 year left the group. When a new person joins the group and average age of group becomes 25 year. Find age of person.
(a) 32 yrs
(b) 45 yrs
(c) 55 yrs
(d) 50 yrs
(e) 70 yrs

Q9. When 30% of a no. y is subtracted from x it become 310 and when 50% of y is added to x it becomes 550. Find ratio of x to y.
(a) 5 : 3
(b) 4 : 3
(c) 2 : 1
(d) 7 : 6
(e) 6 : 5

Q10. Shivam’s expense is 25% more than Dharam’s expense and Dharam’s expense is 15% less than Harish’s expense. If the sum of the their expense is Rs 4660, then what would be the Shivam’s expense?
(a) Rs 1360
(b) Rs 1700
(c) Rs 1600
(d) Rs 1156
(e) Rs 1165

Q11. The average weight of 16 coconuts is 1.5 kg. If 5 watermelons are also added, then the average weight increases by 0.5 kg. What is the total weight of 5 watermelons?
(a) 22 kg
(b) 15 kg
(c) 20.5 kg
(d) 18 kg
(e) None of these

Q12. The average weight of P, Q, R and S is 60 kg. A new person A is also included in the group, then the average weight of the group increased by 2 kg. if a new person B replaces P, then the new average of group becomes 61 kg. find the sum of weight of Q, R, S and B.
(a) 255 kg
(b) 235 kg
(c) 345 kg
(d) 295 kg
(e) 265 kg

Q13. A number is divided in such a way that 80% of the first part exceeds 70% of the second part by 3 and 50% of the second part exceeds the 40% of the first part by 15. Find the number.
(a) 110
(b) 180
(c) 210
(d) 100
(e) 230

Q14. Average age of A and B 5 years hence will be 40 years. If B’s age 10 years ago was 19 years and C’s present age is 4 years more than A’s present age, then find sum of A and C’s present age.
(a) 95 years
(b) 75 years
(c) 90 years
(d) 94 years
(e) 86 years

Q15. In a society 16⅔% people were interested in music only, 33⅓% were interested in Yoga only, 25% were interested in cycling only and rest were interested in other activities. If no. of people who are interested in other activities is 450 then what is the no. of people who are interested in music.
(a) 400
(b) 300
(c) 250
(d) 350
(e) 450

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