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Quantitative Aptitude Quiz For SBI PO Prelims 2022- 28th November



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Q3. A, B & C starts a newspaper distribution business with total capital of 2400 Rs. and ratio of investment of A to that of C is 4 : 3. If A & B withdrew their respective capital after 15 months & 18 months respectively and after two years profit sharing ratio of A, B & C is 10 : 15 : 12, then find difference between investment of B & C?
(a) 600 Rs.
(b) 480 Rs.
(c) 440 Rs.
(d) 360 Rs.
(e) 400 Rs.

Q4. In a River there are two boats A and B, where boat A covers 240 km in downstream and boat B covers 240 km in upstream. Boat B takes equal time as boat A takes in covering the given distance. If sum of speed of boat A in still water and boat B in still water is 64 km/hr and speed of water current is 4 km/hr then find the speed of boat B in still water?
(a) 32 km/hr
(b) 36 km/hr
(c) 40 km/hr
(d) 42 km/hr
(e) 48 km/hr

Q5. Ram’s age is (3x+2y) years and his only son’s age is ‘x’ years while his only daughter’s age is ‘y’ years. Ram’s son is 3 years elder than her sister. Find average age of family of Ram, if Ram’s wife age who is 5 years younger than her husband is 29 years (in years).
(a) 14.5
(b) 19.0
(c) 16.5
(d) 22.5
(e) 20.5

Q6. Due to new rules of TRAI, Rs. 154 is fixed as FTA upto 100 SD channels and additional Rs. 10 per 3 HD or 6 SD channels. A person paying Rs. 400 earlier, has now subscribed for 80 SD channel pack worth Rs. 250 and 9 HD channels pack at Rs. 4 per channel. What is his percent increase in bill amount?
(a) 32.5%
(b) 13.25%
(c) 20%
(d) 17.5%
(e) None of these

Q7. Levi’s on the occasion of Independence Day announced an additional discount of 10% after existing discount of 10%. If a customer donates 0.75% of the selling price of jeans for the development of the country, then find the amount paid by Amitabh on purchasing jeans for which he paid Rs. 4500 earlier.
(a) Rs. 4050
(b) Rs. 4080.375
(c) Rs. 4030
(d) Rs. 3979.625
(e) Rs. 4533.75

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Q9. Anurag can make a video in 10 hours while Karan can make same video in 8 hours. With the help of Sanjay they made the video in 4 hours. In what time Sanjay alone can make the same video?
(a) 35 hr
(b) 36 hr
(c) 37 hr
(d) 39 hr
(e) 40 hr

Q10. Due to bad weather, a taxi driver reached late at airport by 30 minutes to pick Vijay who had to wait for 75 minutes, who reached early due to increased speed of airplane by 10%. Find the duration of flight.
(a) 10 hr 15 min
(b) 7 hr 20 min
(c) 8 hr
(d) 8 hr 15 min
(e) 13 hr 45 min

Q11. In how many ways can 5 letter words be formed from 2nd, 5th, 6th, 8th and 9th letter of the word ‘METICULOUS’?
(a) 120
(b) 60
(c) 240
(d) 24
(e) 12

Q12. The ratio of curved surface area to total surface area of a cylinder is 7:9. Find diameter of cylinder, if volume of cylinder is 88 cm³.
(a) 14 cm
(b) 2 cm
(c) 9 cm
(d) 7 cm
(e) 4 cm

Q13. Interest earned on a certain sum in 2 years at 20% pa at CI is twice the interest earned on Rs. 1100 for 2 yrs at 10% SI. Find sum.
(a) Rs. 1000
(b) Rs. 500
(c) Rs. 750
(d) Rs. 1250
(e) Rs. 1500

Q14. Mr. Ambani purchased two steel factories in Mumbai and Chennai for total Rs.72 crores. After a year, he sold Mumbai factory at 16% profit while other at 24% profit. Thus he gained 19% profit on selling both factories. Find the selling price of Mumbai factory? (in crores)
(a) 52.2
(b) 55.8
(c) 53.55
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these

Q15. Varun and Kartik purchased the shares in ratio 7:9 for the cost of their basic salaries. The company gave each of them 50 shares as incentive, due to which the ratio changes to 9:11. If each share cost is Rs. 60. Find basic salary of Varun.
(a) Rs. 13500
(b) Rs. 16500
(c) Rs. 21000
(d) Rs. 10500
(e) Rs. 27000


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