Quant Important Topic and Strategy for LIC AAO and AE 2020 Exam

Read this article and get the tips and tricks on how to do quantitative aptitude Strategy for LIC AAO and AE 2020

| Updated On May 13th, 2020 at 08:26 pm

LIC has released 218 vacancies for the recruitment of AO/AE. The prelims of this recruitment are going to be like any other prelim of the banking exam. Hence it will be having three sections out of which quantitative aptitude is one. Quantitative Aptitude is not very difficult sections but it is very time-consuming. A student needs to have good practice to solve questions without wasting much time in the examination. One of the key strategies is to clear the basics of various chapters in this month itself and start practicing for a minimum of 3 hours a day after this month. This will help you to develop an aptitude for this subject and will fetch you some very good marks. In this article we will be discussing- “Quant Important Topic and Strategy for LIC AAO and AE 2020 Exam”

Quant Important Topic For LIC AAO/AE 2020 Exam:

Topics Expected Number of Questions
Simplification 5
Ratio & Proportion, Percentage 3
Number System 3
Profit & Loss 2
Mixtures & Allegations 1-2
Simple Interest & Compound Interest 1-2
Work & Time 2
Time & Distance 2
Mensuration – Cylinder, Cone, Sphere 1-2
Permutation, Combination & Probability 5
Data Interpretation 15
Sequence & Series 5

Preparation Strategy For LIC AAO/ AE 2020 Exam

  • Simplification: Practice 20 questions daily because it will help you to fasten your calculation which will be helpful in the entire section.
  • Profit and Loss questions: This is an important part of the syllabus. You will surely get at least 1-2 questions in both the prelims examination as well as in the mains examination from this chapter also DI is one of the most favorite topics in which the application of this topic is asked. Study it from a basic book and then practice it by solving previous year papers etc. 
  • Time and distance, time, and work questions: This is another topic that is often asked in the form of DI. So again make sure to study it from a basic book and then go gradually to a difficult level. 
  • Mixture and allegation: This is an application-based chapter and hence DI and questions both can be asked. The thing to remember here is that it can be applied to other concepts as well. So make sure that you read it well because it will be helpful for you in solving other chapters. 
  • Simple and compound interest: Learn tables, Square and cubes till 25 if you want to get an edge in this topic because this requires a lot of practice along with the formula. You cannot waste time while solving questions about this topic. 
  • Data Sufficiency: These questions were earlier asked only in mains but now you can see them in prelims as well. The only difference is the level of difficulty. So you have to prepare accordingly. The first stage is prelims so go slow on yourself and practice moderate type questions. 
  • Data Analysis: Data analysis or interpretation is same thing. Students are supposed to interpret what is given in a certain format. This is one of the trickiest parts of the whole section as it forms the majority of the questions so make sure you practice it well. Give daily sectional tests to work on your speed. 
  • Quadratic Equation, Number Series, In-equality: These are some areas where you can easily fetch those extra marks and shine. Go through these topics make sure you don’t leave any question from them and maintain accuracy. 

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