Reading Comprehension Tips For SBI Clerk Exam 2018

Dear students, in 2017, English Section was the one that showed extreme variations in its pattern throughout the year in all sorts of banking examinations. With every other banking exam, one got to see a completely different set of questions in a different set of patterns. Now that the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam is approaching, many of you must be having a question on their minds if English Section will come up with a different pattern of questions to blow your minds once again. But students, to your aid, there are still a few conventional pattern questions that are always asked in these banking examinations, one of them being Reading Comprehension. Also, there is a sectional timing of 20 minutes for the English Section, you will have enough of time to do the reading comprehension questions that you usually tend to ignore. So, students, this article is especially intended to help you guys attempt a maximum number of questions from a Reading Comprehension in a minimum time period. 

Let’s discuss the type of questions that are generally asked from a reading comprehension. In SBI Clerk Prelims Exam, one can expect 10 questions based on RC, out of which, at least 5 questions will be passage based conventional pattern questions. These questions need a deep penetration through the passage, and hence, should be attempted in the end. Rest of the 4-5 questions will be based on either vocab or phrases. If the questions are vocab based, a few words will be given in bold and you will be asked to mark the synonyms or antonyms of the words as the correct option. And, if, the questions are based on phrases, a few phrases will be given in bold and you will be asked if there is an error in them or not and you will have to mark the correct option accordingly. 
After having attempted the vocab/ phrases based questions efficiently, go for the passage based questions. While doing the passage based questions, try not to read the whole passage, try reading only the part that is related to the questions that are asked. Doing this will save your time and help you attempt the maximum number of questions in the minimum time. The questions may also be based on the tone/ attitude/ style of the writer. In such questions, one has to answer if the tone of the writer is persuasive, argumentative, controversial, complimentary, critical or laudatory. And you will only be able to answer such questions efficiently if you have a habit of reading different articles, so, if you haven’t yet started reading them, do it right away. You may also be asked about the theme of the article or to give the article an appropriate title. Attempt such a question only if you are sure about the theme. If you aren’t sure about the theme, then, reading the whole paragraph just to find the crux of it can prove to be very time consuming and you can choose to skip it for sure. 
So, students, this is how you need to attempt a Reading Comprehension in order to bag the maximum marks form it. Mere reading through the tips and tricks won’t help unless you yourself take an initiative of practicing real hard to ace the grades in the examination. You can practice the questions based on Reading Comprehension on Adda247 App. Also develop a habit of reading newspaper articles for to develop a habit of reading faster with a better understanding. We will also be providing Article based vocabulary from different newspapers that will prove to be beneficial for you all. Plan your strategy as per your strengths and weaknesses and start preparing for the SBI Clerk Prelims Exam right away.


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