Rising Cut-Off Of SBI PO | SBI PO Cut-Off: 2015-2018

Dear Students, the much-awaited results of SBI PO Prelims 2018 Examination were out yesterday and the candidates jumped out of their skin, having seen a huge rise in the cut-off. Even we did a double take at this year’s cut-off that rose by 5.25 marks this year. Last year, the cut-off for SBI PO Prelims Examination was 51.5 and this year, all of a sudden, it springs up to 56.75 taking everyone, who appeared for the examination, by surprise. All those who could make a go of it must be wondering what could have been a better strategy with which they could have brought it off.

This time, the English Section asked in the SBI PO Prelims Examination was much easier when compared to previous year examinations that SBI has conducted so far. Also, the candidates were given 20 minutes to do with the 30 questions asked in the section. Well, that’s enough for a candidate to attempt a section in which no calculations are involved and all those who planned it smartly made the grades in SBI PO Prelims Examination 2018.

If we get a close look at the cut-off scores of the past 4 years, we conjecture that the cut-off has been increasing by leaps and bounds. If the trend continues, one will have to plan her preparations in a way that she is able to manage to get through this exam the next time she appears for it. Here are the cut-off scores of SBI PO Prelims 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 examinations to get you acquainted with the the trend of increasing minimum scores to get through the examination.

1. SBI PO Prelims Examination 2015 Cut-Off Scores:

  • SC- 37.25
  • ST-19.75
  • OBC-42.25
  • GEN-47.50

2. SBI PO Prelims Examination 2016 Cut-Off Scores:

  • SC- 38.75
  • ST-29.25
  • OBC-44.50
  • GEN-47.50

3. SBI PO Prelims Examination 2017 Cut-Off Scores:

  • SC- 43.25
  • ST-31.25
  • OBC-48.25
  • GEN-51.50

4. SBI PO Prelims Examination 2018 Cut-Off Scores:
  • SC- 49.00
  • ST- 43.00
  • OBC- 54.25
  • GEN-56.75

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