Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 3 June- Daily Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI Clerk Mains 2020

The Quantitative Aptitude Section is one of the scoring sections of the bank examination. The  Quantitative Aptitude is definitely be helping you if practicing it with Sincerity. 3rd June 2020 SBI Clerk Mains Quiz Based on- Average, Ages, Percentage, Mixture & Allegation and Misc. DI. Stay with Bankers Adda for the latest Quizzes, Study notes, Test series, and other helpful study material.                             

Q1. The average weight of 5 men is decreased by 3 kg when one of them weighing 150 kg is replaced by another person. The new person is again replaced by another person whose weight is 30 kg lower than the person he replaced. What is the overall change in the average due to this dual change?

(a) 6 kg

(b) 9 kg
(c) 12kg

(d) 15 kg

(e) 20kg

Q2. Akhilesh took five papers in an examination, where maximum marks for each paper was 200. His marks in these’ papers were in the proportion of 7 : 8 : 9 : 10 : 11. If his overall score in these exams was 60%, then the number of papers in which he got more than 50% marks is:

(a) 1

(b) 3
(c) 4

(d) 5

(e) None of these

Q3. In a group of 4 friends, ratio of present age of A and D is 4:5 and that B to C is 3:4. Calculate the present average age of A, B and C, if 4 years ago, A was 20 years younger than C and at present C is twice of age of A.

(a) 20 years

(b) 50 years

(c) 40 years

(d) 25 years

(e) 30 years

Q4.  A 20 litres mixture contains milk and water in the respective ratio of 3 : 2. Then 10 litres of the mixture is removed and replaced with pure milk and the operation is repeated once more. At the end of the two removals and replacements, what is the ratio of milk and water in the resultant mixture respectively?

(a) 17 : 3

(b) 9 : 1

(c) 4 : 17

(d) 5 : 3

(e) 3 : 14

Q5. There are two vessels A and B. Vessel A contains mixture of milk and water in the ratio of 11 : 9, while vessel B contains mixture of water and apple Juice in the ratio of 3 : 7. If 44 liter mixture from vessel A and 32 liter mixture from vessel B taken out and mixed together in vessel C, then find the quantity of water in vessel C ?

(a) 29.4 ℓ

(b) 2.94 ℓ

(c) 24.9 ℓ

(d) 26.4 ℓ

(e) 23.4 ℓ

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