SBI PO Interview Experience 2016

Dear Readers,
My Interview and GD venue was SBI learning center, Chennai, 8AM batch. I reached there at 7.00 am, I was the first but the verification staff was present there already. Certificate verification was done smoothly and they even provided breakfast in there. I was very nervous on the days before the interview but when I entered the venue I eventually forgot everything. It was all because of my parents blessing and wish.
GD started at 9.00 AM sharply. NO mobiles, watches, pens and wallets were allowed inside the hall.

GD panel had 2 senior retired staffs they said, “Hello everyone! First of all, I want to congratulate you all since you have successfully cleared the two phases of selection process. GD process consists of two sections. First is Unstructured discussion and the other is prioritisation. It is a discussion and not a debate. Be casual.”
5 min time for jotting down the points and 20min for discussion.
My topic for Group Discussion was “Indiscriminate expansion in cities causes ecological imbalance?”
All the members in my batch talked so well. Some were talkative talked so long and didn’t give chance to others. I managed to talk 3 or 4 points. I never watched the panel members. But one guy watched the panel member and he told don’t see me. Overall it went well.
Next thing is “Prioritisation”.

Topic was “Why online retailers like Flipkart and Amazon should be encouraged?”
Priority list was like customer has more options, customer gets more discounts, government get more revenue, packaging industry gets boost, transparency in billing, etc.
I was the first person in the list so I went 1st into the interview hall. There were 5 panel members (4Male + 1Female ).
Me: May I come in Sir ?
Panel : Yes.
Me: Good morning mam, good morning sirs.
Within they say sit down I sat mostly but they said sit ! sit ! with a smile.
M1 was very friendly and very cooperative, it gave me confidence.
M1: U studied what ?
Me: Mechanical Engg sir.
M1: What is the best moment in your college life ?
Me: I answered.
M1: What is the best moment in your life ?
Me: I thought some time but he said no problem its ok.
M1: In your relatives, who is your favourite person. Why?
Me: My dad as he is so cool casual friendly. He never got tensed.
M1: He haven’t beaten you ?
Me: (excitedly) No sir !!! Never. He hasn’t beaten me. And I wanted to be like him.
M1: You have any brothers?
Me: Yes sir.
M1: What he doing ?
Me: Architecture sir.
Moving to next panel member.
M2 : You have studied mechanical engg. Tell me about Newton’s law ? How many laws are there? Explain.
Me: Three laws sir. Then I explained practically but he asked to tell the exact definition. Somehow I managed to tell.
M2: Explain the principle of engine ?
Me: I started to explain but he stopped and told I asked basic principle not explantion. I told Sorry sir.
M2: What is glass? Is it a solid, liquid or gas?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know.
M2: Learn it.
M3: Why govt buses are running in loss and pvt in profit ?
Me: Answered.
F1: Schemes by tamilnadu govt ?
Me: Answered.
M4: What is a bank ?
Me: Answered.
M4: Other than banks name some place where they give interest ?
Me: Answered.
M4: What is Public Provident Fund ?
Me: Sorry sir I don’t know. (it didn’t strike my mind at tht time !)
M4: Its ok. You can go now.
Me: Thank you sirs, thank you mam !!!

My only advice for interview is : They were asking different stuffs for different people. Just be calm and cool and you can deal them easily.

Overall both GD and Interview went well. Now its all up to GOD.

Benjamin Mee has said, “You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it.”

All the best to everyone appearing for SBI PO GD and Interview!!!

Jagan Kumar