SBI PO Mains 2019 | Tips To Prepare GA section

SBI PO Mains 2019 | Tips To Prepare GA section

SBI PO Mains 2019 | Tips To Prepare GA section

SBI PO Main 2019 is at stone’s throw now. General awareness section plays a very crucial role in every banking examination. One can not clear the Main exam if he does not know the GA part. This part contains 40 questions and does not require much time in solving the questions. As one can easily complete the section just by reading the questions only if he is prepared well for the test. As you know marks of the Main exam are added in the final merit list for selection, you need to ace up your preparation for this section. Adda247 is here to give the game away about General Knowledge section. To save you from flogging a dead horse we are providing you with the strategy on How you can prepare for GA for SBI PO Main 2019? If you are not very good at GA, we will help you to fight to the bitter end.

How Can you score maximum in the GA section in SBI PO Main 2019?

Firstly you need to know that that General awareness section can be categorized into three parts as follows:

  • Current affairs
  • Banking awareness 
  • General Knowledge

1. How many questions can you expect from Current affairs in SBI PO Main 2019?

preparing this section at the last moment would be a sweeping statement. One needs to grasp the current affairs of the last 5-6 months based on the review of previous banking examination. But this section should not hamper the preparation of other section. Students remain confused about how they can brush up their knowledge in this section to score maximum. You can expect at least 17-18 (approx)questions from this section which are worth revising the current affairs of previous months as well.
What are the important topics from this section?
It basically depends on the examiner how he wants to test your knowledge. Due to the vast syllabus, your focus should be on the following topics to get through SBI PO Main 2019.
Indian Economy
☛ National Awards and Honours
☛ International Awards and Honours
☛ Books and Authors
☛ Summits and Treaties
☛ Capitals and Currency
☛ Governance, Schemes, and Policies
☛ International Affairs
☛ The currency of various Countries
☛ Science and Technology
☛ Sports
2. How many questions can you expect from the Banking Awareness part?
One should thoroughly prepare for this section. You need to learn a number of questions to ace in this part. You can also refer to the quizzes on banking awareness on or you can practice the same from the add247 app as well. Keeping in mind the importance of this part one can expect 17-20(approx) questions from this section.

What are the Important topics for this section?
Following are the important topics to be prepared for SBI PO Main 2019 under banking awareness part.
☛ Banking Terms and Abbreviations
☛ RBI and its Functions
☛ Monetary Policy
☛ Financial Sector Regulators
☛ Financial Markets
☛ Financial Committees
☛ National Income
☛ World Financial Institutions
☛ Recent Banking Updates
3. How many questions you can expect from General knowledge part?
Although this is a part of current affairs, You should categorize it separately so that you know how and what to be learned for this section. You can expect a minimum of 5-6(approx) questions from this topic. 

What are the important topics for this section?
Important days
Wild Life Parks and Sanctuaries
Books and Authors.
After having complete knowledge about the topics and how many questions you can expect from that part you should know how and from where you can master this section. As the GA in SBI PO Main 2019 or any other banking exam is an ineluctable hitch. You can not skip this part if you are looking for a bright career with SBI as an officer. Do not worry, Adda247 is always here to hold your hands in your difficulties to let you sail through this.

Strategy to prepare GA for SBI PO Main 2019

  • Read the newspaper and magazines daily. This will cover all the news and all that is happening around you. Mark the important news and make the handwritten notes for that.
  • Watch English news on a daily basis. So that if you missed revising something, this will cover all you have missed so far.
  • Practice from ADDA247 daily quizzes that are being provided on the app as well as on
  • Most of you have a habit of simply glancing through the headlines of important news which can cost you much-required marks in the exam for minute detail about the news are being asked in the banking and insurance examinations. 
  • We hope you have prepared your handwritten notes of daily current affairs of the past 5-6 months (which helps you memorize them for a longer period of time). Revise all the news before you appear for the SBI PO Main Exam 2019-2020

Hope we have solved all your queries on how one can excel in the general awareness section for the upcoming banking exams and SBI PO main 2019. So do not waste your time, start preparing to ace in this exam now. Adda247 is always here to help you all. ALL THE BEST!