SBI PO 2019 Mains Exam: Important Reasoning Topics

Must Do Topics Of Reasoning Ability For SBI PO Main 2019
SBI PO Main 2019 is around the corner. And you all must be touching up your preparation for this phase as it will make you closer to the final selection in SBI PO. Reasoning ability section is the part and parcel of every exam. It can do wonders if you are good at it. The practice is required to excel in any of the exam or subject. The practice is the only key to success. Reasoning and computer ability in SBI PO Main exam 2019 carry a weightage of 60 marks for 45 questions. Before you set about to prepare for this section, you need to get down to the nitty-gritty and know the important topics that can fetch you good marks. Knowing what to study and required more practice can actually do good in the exam. So here we are providing you with the important topics to be covered for SBI PO Main exam 2019.

Puzzles and Seating Arrangement: 

Questions on puzzles and seating arrangements form a major part of the Reasoning Section of any banking examination. They are usually based on Seating Arrangement (linear, circular, triangular, rectangular and sometimes hexagonal even), Floors, Tabular form, Blood Relations, etc. and can be asked in 2-4 variables, depending on the difficulty level of the question. Most of the miscellaneous topics too are being asked in the form of puzzles only. A mix of Seating Arrangement and Blood Relations is also being frequently asked in the examinations. Keep practicing, this is the only way out to deal with puzzles.


If you are well versed with this topic you can easily score marks in this. You can solve the topic within seconds and without the need for pen and paper. It is one of the easiest and scoring topics so prepare it well and you will be able to bag 5 marks very easily in Reasoning Ability Section.

Data Sufficiency: 

The questions based on data sufficiency can have 2 or 3 statements based on the difficulty level of the questions. If asked, there will be a total of 3-5 questions on this topic. Data Sufficiency is also an important topic that can get you at least 3 to 5 marks in the Reasoning Section. The questions based on data sufficiency can have 2 or 3 statements based on the difficulty level of the questions. If asked, there will be a total of 3-5 questions on this topic.

There may be questions from the old as well as from the new pattern of coding and decoding. The topic comes under the category of easy. You can practice all types of questions on bankersadda or adda247 app.

Blood Relation: 

The questions in this section test the candidate’s cognitive ability. The questions asked are very complex and convoluted but can be solved with ease if you have the basics of these topics all grasped. It can be asked in various forms, i.e. puzzles, mixed blood relation, coded blood relations, etc.

Direction Sense:
There can be 4-5 questions on this topic. If you have good knowledge about the directions it will be a blessing for you. Questions from Direction can easily be solved if you have practice a wide variety of questions.

Machine Input-Output:

In the banking examinations held recently, it is observed that machine input-output is also being asked in the preliminary level examination.

Logical Reasoning: 

The number of expected questions on this topic is 5-6. The questions asked in this section are based on cause and effect, a course of action, assumptions, and conclusions, the strength of arguments, inference, etc. The level of questions has always been moderate so you can easily attempt the questions without wasting much of time on them.