Quantitative Aptitude Quiz 5 June- Daily Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO Prelims 2020

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Q1. At present Meena is eight times her daughter age. 8 years hence from now, the ratio of the ages of Meena and her daughter will be 10 : 3, respectively. What is Meena’s present age ?

(a) 32 years

(b) 40 years

(c) 36 years

(d) 34 years

(e) 46 years

Q2. 7 years ago, the ages of P and Q were in the ratio 4 : 5 and 7 years hence, they will be in the ratio 5 : 6 . The present age of Q is :

(a) 56 years

(b) 63 years

(c) 70 years

(d) 77 years

(e) 87 years

Q3. The ages of Rahul and Parul are 40 years and 60 years, respectively. How many years before the ratio of their ages was 3 : 5 ?

(a) 15 years

(b) 20 years

(c) 37 years

(d) 10 years

(e) 16 years

Q4. Ruby’s monthly income is three times Gayatri’s monthly income. Gayatri’s monthly income is fifteen percent more than Priya’s monthly income. Priya’s monthly income is Rs. 32,000. What is Ruby’s Annual income?

(a) Rs. 11,04,000

(b) Rs. 13,24,800

(c) Rs. 38,800

(d) Rs. 54,600

(e) Rs. 12,34,800

Q5. Akash scored 73 marks in subject A. He scored 56% marks in subject B and x marks in subject C. Maximum marks in each subject were 150. The overall percentage marks obtained by Akash in all the three subjects together were 54%. How many marks did he score in subject C?

(a) 84

(b) 86

(c) 79

(d) 73

(e) 94

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