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SBI PO Study Plan 2023, Prelims Preparation Tips

SBI PO Study Plan 2023

A well-structured study plan for the SBI PO exam is a crucial asset for anyone aspiring to succeed in this highly competitive banking examination. It offers a structured framework for exam preparation, breaking down the vast syllabus into manageable sections and allocating time efficiently. This not only ensures comprehensive coverage of all exam topics but also fosters consistency in study routines, which is essential for effective learning and skill development.

SBI PO Prelims 2023 Exam Analysis, 06 November 2023
SBI PO Exam Analysis 2023, Shift 1, 6 November 
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SBI PO Prelims Study Plan 2023

SBI PO Prelims Study plan will allow candidates to set clear goals and regularly assess their progress, boosting motivation and reducing exam-related stress. Overall, the SBI PO study plan will work as a roadmap to success, enhancing time management, problem-solving skills, and confidence while minimizing the anxiety associated with high-stakes exams.

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SBI PO Study Plan 2023- Section wise

Candidates can follow this SBI PO Study Plan which will be continued till the exam and will definitely boost the preparation in each section.

SBI PO Study Plan 2023
Date Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude English
13 Sep Puzzle, Blood Relation, Direction Quadratic Inequalities Miscellaneous
14 Sep Puzzle, Inequality, Miscellaneous Simplification Cloze Test
15 Sep Seating Arrangement, Coding-Decoding, Miscellaneous Approximation
16 Sep Syllogism Arithmetic Fillers
17 Sep Direction Table DI and Bar Graph DI
18 Sep Practice Set Simplification Cloze Test
19 Sep Practice Set Practice Set Error Correction
20 Sep Coding-Decoding Missing Series Vocabulary
21 Sep Miscellaneous Arithmetic Practice Set
22 Sep Mix DI & Caselet Idioms & Phrases
23 Sep Seating Arrangement, Data-Sufficiency Arithmetic Para Jumbles
24 Sep Inequality Approximation Practice set
25 Sep Coding-Decoding Arithmetic Word Swap
26 Sep Practice Set Arithmetic Column Based
27 Sep Miscellaneous Data Interpretation Cloze Test
28 Sep Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
29 Sep Puzzle, Seating Arrangement Arithmetic Rearrangement
30 Sep Blood Relation, Direction, Order-Ranking Data Interpretation Reading Comprehension
1 Oct Seating Arrangement, Syllogism, Inequality Quadratic Inequalities Miscellaneous
2 Oct Miscellaneous Arithmetic Error Correction
3 Oct Miscellaneous Data Interpretation
4 Oct Puzzle, Input-Output, Inequality Arithmetic
5 Oct Puzzle, Direction, Miscellaneous Arithmetic Reading Comprehension
6 Oct Puzzle, Data Sufficiency, Syllogism Data Interpretation Miscellaneous
7 Oct Puzzle, Coding-Decoding, Miscellaneous Simplification and Wrong Series
8 Oct Seating Arrangement, Syllogism, Inequality Arithmetic Fillers
9 Oct Practice Set Data Interpretation practice set
10 Oct Practice Set Arithmetic practice set
11 Oct Puzzle, Inequality, Series Approximation and Missing Series Miscellaneous
12 Oct Seating Arrangement, Input-Output, Syllogism Data Interpretation Double Fillers
13 Oct Puzzle, Data-Sufficiency, Direction Data Interpretation Sentence Rearrangement
14 Oct Seating Arrangement, Blood Relation, Inequality Arithmetic Reading Comprehension
15 Oct Puzzle, Syllogism, Coding-Decoding Quadratic Inequalities Error Correction
16 Oct Puzzle, Direction Sense Data Interpretation
17 Oct Box Puzzle & Blood Relation Wrong Number Series
18 Oct Puzzle Arithmetic
19 Oct Practice Set Practice Set
20 Oct Syllogism Line Graph DI
21 Oct Alphanumeric Series Quantity Comparison
22 Oct Circular Seating Arrangement Data Interpretation Cloze Test
23 Oct Floor Based Puzzle Approximation
24 Oct Blood Relation Bar Graph Data Interpretation
25 Oct Puzzle Simplification
26 Oct Coding Decoding Missing Series
27 Oct 3 Digit Series Line Graph DI
28 Oct Puzzles and Miscellaneous Missing Series
29 Oct Direction Arithmetic
30 Oct Seating Arrangement Quadratic Inequalities
31 Oct Puzzle Approximation


SBI PO Study Plan 2023 in Hindi


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Where can I find the SBI PO Study Plan 2023?

Candidates can find the SBI PO Study Plan 2023 for prelims exam.

How will the SBI PO Prelims Study Plan 2023 be helpful?

SBI PO Prelims Study Plan 2023 will be helpful to ace all 3 sections i.e. Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and English Language.