SBI/BOB PO GDPI Tips: What Is Group Exercise?

Dear Students, SBI brought out the results of this year’s SBI PO Mains Examination recently. While some made it to the Personal Interview round, other had their chips in this cutthroat competition for a seat of Probationary Officer in the State Bank of India. Now that the results of SBI PO Mains Examinations are already announced, the selected candidates would have started to prepare for their Personal Interview Round.  Out of the total candidates who got through the second phase of SBI PO Examination, only one-third will make it to the final selections. As there are only a limited number of seats, the competition is going to be real tough and one will have to break his back if she wants to bring it off.

This final phase of examination plays a great role in one’s selection for the post of Probationary Officer in the largest Public Sector Bank of India. It accounts for a total of 50 marks viz. 30 marks for Personal Interview and 20 for the Group Discussion. How you take part in the Group Discussion can make a big difference in your final results, in a good way or in a bad way. For the past two years, SBI has included prioritization in the form of group exercise in the Group Discussion round. 

SBI, in the year 2016, included group exercise in the 3rd phase of SBI PO examination. In this group exercise, the candidates are given a set of qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters and are asked to prioritize (prepare a list in the decreasing order of their priority) them as per their own point of view, perception, and understanding. In the end, all the candidates have to discuss the points as per their own views to settle for a single priority list.

This year, SBI has named the GDPI round as Group Exercise and Personal Interview round and many of you might think that there will be no group discussion this year. So one must make this clear to herself that Group discussion will be there and it will be followed by prioritization and personal interview. Here are a few key points that one needs to keep in mind while taking part in the group exercise:

  • Choose to prioritize rationally.
  • You should always know why a point is your first priority and another the last.
  • Do not choose a random arrangement because providing an explanation for your arrangement will become a difficult task.
  • Have a reason for the order of qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters on your priority list. 
  • When the whole group is trying to settle for a single priority list, one should not argue or be adamant to keep her points in a particular order.

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