Success Story of Anant Vijay Selected as IBPS Clerk 2019 Corporation Bank Says “Hope is a good thing maybe the best thing and no good things ever die.”

Hello Everyone,

I am Anant Vijay ( Socially known as Anant V Jay ), Recently I have been selected in CORPORATION BANK as an Office-Assistant. It was June 2018, When I decided to enter in this competition, And very soon, I decided to quit offline classes and pushed myself to be a digital learner.

Hence, it was important that I had to start with regular guidance and then I installed one App called “Adda247” Yes, the only app I could believe ever and I will.

These are the exams in which I appeared between 2018 to till now:-

(1) RRB PO 2018 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️ because of the GA section. I started from the beginning in June 2018 and my prelims exam was in August 2018. So u can relate it.

( 2 ) RRB CLERK 2018 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️

( 3 ) IBPS CLERK 2018 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️

( 4 ) SBI PO 2019 – Pre ✖️

( 5 ) SBI CLERK 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️

( 6 ) LIC AAO 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️

( 7 ) RRB PO 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains ✖️ . I missed this Mains exam by 0.25 marks in Math section-overall number was above the Mains Cut-off.

( 8 ) RRB CLERK 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️. I missed this Mains exam again by 2.75 marks.

( 9 ) EPFO SSA 2019 – Pre ✔️, Mains ✔️, I cleared both, waiting for phase-3 ( typing test )

( 10 ) LIC ASSISTANT 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️ Missed by 1.25 approx.

( 11 ) IBPS PO 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains✖️. I was stuck in a Descriptive paper.

( 12 ) IBPS CLERK 2019 – Pre ✔️ Mains ✔️( Changed My Life ) 

( 13 ) SBI CLERK 2020 – Waiting for the Prelims Score.

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I always admire one sentence in my life at every stage:-

” Hope is a good thing maybe the best thing and no good things ever die”

 I thank the whole team of ADDA247, just a perfect guide for everyone, either they are new-comers or Experienced candidates in this filed!

Thank You for reading my story!

All the best to everyone for their future!

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