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Swapnil Kusale, Aishwarya Pratap and Akhil Sheoran Wins Gold at Asian Games 2023

Another Gold For India

Another memorable milestone achieved by the Indian Men’s Shooting trio by securing a gold medal in the 50m Rifle event held in the Asian Games 2023. The jaw-dropping skills and precision level of Indian shooters just mesmerized the audiences.  The Indian Men Trio has been consisting of Aishwarya Pratap Singh Tomar, Akhil Sheoran, and Swapnil Suresh Kusale. This event became more remarkable for them as the trio broke the world record by gaining an exceptional score of 1769 points. So, this is a great achievement for all the Indians as the sport of shooting has leveled up to the next level.

India’s Exceptional Position In The Asian Games 2023

This time, the Asian Games has witnessed the unbeatable prowess of the Indian Sports team. Moreover, this exceptional addition of a gold medal by the Indian trio has made India level up its position to the fourth ranking in the points table of the Asian Games 2023. This achievement has also groomed up the medal tally for India. Securing gold in the 50m Rifle 3 positions team event was not easy. But due to extreme dedication and flawless skills, the Indian Men’s Trio has conquered this victory.

Women’s Team Has Also Showcased Their Winsome  Attributes

Another notable winning situation was also noted earlier when the women’s shooting team bagged a silver medal. The women’s trio consisted of Esha Singh, Palak, and Divya Subbaraju. They grabbed the silver medal in the 10m air pistol team event. So, it has been clear that the Indian shooting team has done a tremendous job in their respective field.

Overall Medal Count of Team India

These compelling victories, achieved by team India, have made its medal count level up to 27. The awards have been segmented as 7 Gold, 9 Silver, and 11 Bronze. This astounding presentation of the Indian sports team has showcased that they are versatile and highly authentic when it comes to their disciplines. Talking about the previous Asian Games held in 2018, India has been the most consistent team and performed excellently on international platforms. A total number of 70 medals have been achieved by the Indian team, where the medals have been segmented into 16 Gold, 23 Silver, and 31 Bronze.

Current Scenario Of Asian Games 2023

The current scenario of Asian Games 2023 has been showcasing a great competitive deal. China has been at the topmost position by achieving a total number of 167 medals in total. On the other hand, South Korea has been grasping the second position with a total count of 86 medals, and Japan is standing in the third position with 18 Gold, 30 Bronze, and 30 Silver medals.


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Where to get recent updates about Asian Games 2023?

Some recent updates about Asian Games 2023 has been mentioned in the article above.

How many medals India has achieved in the Asian Games 2023?

A total number of 27 medals have been achieved by the Indian team in the recent Asian Games 2023.