Syllogism PDF For IBPS RRB PO & Clerk Prelims 2020

Read this article to get Syllogism PDF For IBPS RRB PO & Clerk Prelims 2020.

Syllogism Question- Syllogism is an important topic from exam point of view. IBPS RRB PO and Clerk Prelims exam usually contain questions from this topic. The number of questions varies from 5-7 and each question carries equal marks. In this space we will be providing you the tips and tricks of Syllogism along with the free PDF of this topic. Make sure you go through these tips and tricks well and then practice them with the help of the PDF given below. Practicing this topic this way will help you to gain the maximum benefits. Let’s take a look at the Concept of Syllogism.

What Is Syllogism?

Syllogism is a concept of Reasoning and is  very simple concept and requires a candidate to use the logical ability. It is mentioned in the question that the statment given in the question might be different from commonly known facts and hence candidates are advised not to assume anything. Follow the rules laid for Syllogism and solve the questions based on them. One of the best way to solve the syllogism question is by making the venn diagram.

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Syllogism Questions For IBPS RRB Exam

Syllogism topic is usually asked in different ways in IBPS RRB Exam and we will be covering majority of them for your better understanding. Let’s take a look at them: 

Types Of Statement:
Type 1: All Apple are Orange

Type 2: No Apple is Orange

Type 3: Some Apple are Orange

Type 4: Some Apple are not Orange

Type 5: Only Apple are Orange

Type 6: Only Few Apple are Orange

Type 7: Few Apple are Orange

Conclusion Type: Given below are the types of conclusions that can be infer from the statements given in the question

Type 1: All Apple are Orange

Type 2: No Apple are Orange

Type 3: Some Apple are Orange

Type 4: Some Apple are not Orange

Type 5: All Apple are Orange is a possibilities

Type 6: All Apple are not Orange is a possibilities

Type 7: At least some Apple is Orange

Syllogism: Types of conclusion

We are giving you the different types of conclusions in Syllogism as given below: 

  1. Conclusion can be Positive- where we are 100% sure.
  2. Conclusion can be Negative- In this, we are sure that it doesn’t
  3. When there is Possibility- In this we are not 100% sure but Possible case may occur. In syllogism, a conclusion which is not 100% sure, it’s possibilities can happen i.e we are doubtful in saying it but the possibility may occur

Syllogism: Rules

Rule 1- All A are B, according to this rule all the elements of the first are put inside the second element.

Rule 2- No A are B, according to this rule there is no relationship between the two elements

Rule 3- Some A are B, according to this rule some of the elements of A are part of some of the element of B

Rule 4- Some A are not B, according to this rule some of the elements of A are not B.

Now that you have learned the concept, it’s time to practice the concept this topic from the PDF that we will be providing you.

Click Here To Download Syllogism PDF for IBPS RRB PO & Clerk Prelims 2020

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