Test of the Day for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017

Test of the Day for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017
We are providing you with the test of the day which will help you in upcoming exams like IBPS Clerk Mains. From this, you can practice questions with the timer that will help you to improve speed. IBPS Clerk Mains is one of the biggest opportunity for you guys to grab on, set you own mark and proceed with full confidence. All the very best for your preparations and All the future exams.

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Q1. Which Bank has tied up with PFG Forex for remittance facility for the benefit of Indian expatriates from Australia. The new facility will leverage the bank to reach the Indian diaspora?

Axis Bank
Bank of Baroda
State Bank of India
South Indian Bank

South Indian Bank has tied up with PFG Forex for remittance facility for the benefit of Indian expatriates from Australia. The new facility will leverage the bank to reach the Indian diaspora.

Q2. FINO Payments Bank has commenced operations as a payments bank with effect from 30th June 2017 according to the Reserve Bank of India. Where is the head office of FINO Payments Bank?


FINO Payments Bank has commenced operations as a payments bank with effect from 30th June 2017 according to the Reserve Bank of India. The Head Office of FINO PayTech Ltd. is in Mumbai and it was one of the 11 applicants which were issued in-principle approval for setting up a payments bank

Q3. Which of the following facts is/are true about SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bond) 
(I) SGB are Government Securities Denominated in INR
(II) SGBs are issued by RBI on behalf of GOI
(III) SGBs can be traded on Stock Exchanges
(IV) SGBs can be bought from an authorised Stock Broker.

Only II & III
Only I III & IV
Only II & IV
All of them

Sovereign Gold Bonds are Government securities denominated in multiples of gram(s) of gold. They are substitute for investment in physical gold. To buy the bond, investor has to pay the issue price in cash to an authorised SEBI Broker. These Bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Government of India and are traded on stock exchange.

Q4. With which country has the CBDT (Central Board of Direct Taxes) recently entered into 2 Bilateral APAs (Advance Pricing Agreements)?

South Africa

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has entered into 2 Bilateral Advance Pricing Agreements (APAs). These Agreements are the first ever Bilateral APAs with The Netherlands.With the signing of these Agreements, the total number of APAs entered into by the CBDT has gone up to 186. This includes 171 Unilateral APAs and 15 Bilateral APAs. These two APAs pertain to the Electronics and Technology sectors of the economy.

Q5. Surrendering to the wishes of hardline religious groups, who was the law minister of pakistan who recently quit the civilian government?

Khwaja Saad Rafique
Sheikh Aftab Ahmad
Ishaq Dar
Hasil Bizejo
Zahid Hamid

Pakistan's law minister Zahid Hamid has quit as the Civilian government surrendered to the wishes of hardline religious groups.The groups on their part, who had held Islamabad under a protest siege for nearly a month, called off their violent protests.

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions it 
Eight friends Jensen, Christian, Antonio, Sean, Jim, Wilson, Paul and Orlando, out of whom there is a Pilot, Professor, Businessman, Doctor, Lawyer, Banker, Cricketer or an Architect (but not necessarily in the same order), are sitting around a circular table, facing the centre.

(A) Sean who is a banker sits third to right of Orlando.
(B) The professor and the architect are immediate neighbors of each other, neither the professor nor the architect is an immediate neighbor of either Orlando or Sean.
(C) Cricketer and the pilot are immediate neighbors of each other. Neither Orlando nor Paul is a pilot.
(D)The one who is a professor sits second to the right of Jim who is a lawyer. Wilson who is a cricketer is not an immediate neighbor of the banker.
(E) Only Antonio sits between the professor and the doctor. Jensen sits third to the right of the pilot.

Q6. Which of the following pairs represents the immediate neighbor of the doctor?

None of these

Q7.What is the position of the businessman with respect to the pilot?

Third to the left
Second to the left
Immediately to the right
Fourth to the right
Second to the right

Q8.Who sits third to the right of the professor?

The banker
The cricketer
The lawyer
None of these

Q9.Which of the following is true regarding Antonio?

He is a doctor
He is an immediate neighbor of the pilot.
Antonio sits between Christian and Jim.
He is an immediate neighbor of the professor
None of these

Q10.How many people sit between the banker and ‘Paul’ when counted in anticlockwise direction from the banker?


Directions (11-15): The following bar graph shows the total no. of students (in thousands) of three different colleges over five different years.
Study the carefully to answer the following questions.  

 Q11. What is the average no. of students in college B over all the years?

None of these

Q12. Total no. of students over all the years is least in which college ?

B and C both
A and B both

Q13. The no. of students of college B in year 2008 are what percent more or less than the no. of students of college A in same year?

25% less
25% more
30% more
35% less
None of these

Q14. What is the difference between total no. of students of college B and that of college C over all the years

30 thousands
25 thousands
35 thousands
22 thousands
24 thousands

Q15. Find the ratio of total students of college A to that of the college B over all the years:

3 : 2
3 : 1
2 : 3
1 : 1
4 : 1

Directions (16-20): In each of the question given below a/an idiom/phrase is given in bold which is then followed by five options which then tries to decipher its meaning as used in the sentence. Choose the option which gives the meaning of the phrase most appropriately in context of the given sentence. 

Q16. The old man went on about his school days for nearly an hour.

called up
gave training

Go on about means to speak for too long about something uninteresting. Correct option is C.

Q17. After her holiday, it took Kate a few hours to get back up to speed on the recent developments in her company.


Up to speed- to be updated; to not be behind; to have all the current information

Q18. The politician passed the buck onto someone else instead of accepting responsibility for the problem.

go to river
pass off
pass on

Passed the buck -to pass blame onto someone else. Hence the correct choice is option B.

Q19. People were up in arms over the government’s plan to raise the retirement age.


Be up in arms-in an uproar; very angry. Hence the correct choice is option B.

Q20. After breaking his leg, Darryl’s dream to play professional hockey went up in smoke.

smoke up
fall flat

Go up in smoke- to be wasted; to become impossible; when the chances of something happening burn away