The right way to read a newspaper, 5 time saving hacks !

If you are a government job aspirant, newspaper reading has to be one of your daily routines. However if you do not know the right way to read a newspaper, you might just end up wasting your precious time.

Here are 5 hacks that can help you cover more topics in less time

1- Read actively
Newspaper reading should not be done passively. Whenever you read, you need to reflect on the ideas. Try to think about the background history and future scopes of the topics, instead of just reading blankly.

2- Read the important pages
Newspapers contain a lot of topics but it’s not like that every topic is beneficial from an exam point of view. Issues like government rivalry, local news etc. are not of much use to the competitive exam aspirants. You should stick more to the National, International and Editorial pages.

3- Know your syllabus
Before you start reading, you should know the complete syllabus of the exam that you are aiming for. Clarity of the syllabus helps you filter out the unnecessary topics. This saves your time and effort.

4- Make quick notes
Once you know what topics to target, you can start taking down the notes. Remember that while making notes, you do not have to write down the complete sentences. Make short notable points so that when you look at them later, you can easily remember the whole matter.

5- Look out for the available newspaper reviews
Incase you are someone who isn’t able to read newspaper daily but cannot afford missing on the updates., you can always go for the monthly capsules containing reviews of best newspapers. These are regularly made available for you by our review experts.

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