Time to Think During COVID-19: 11th September 2020

Let’s think something during this COVID-19 Situation. While some find themselves on pins and needles, others find it hard to stand the pace. Either way, the thought of not getting through the examination and the unemployment that comes along could tug at the heartstrings of thousands of government job aspirants. Today’s article is all about the depression caused by unemployment, it’s effect on one’s preparation for a competitive examination and how she stays calm and take it in her stride.
Many of you must be preparing for government job examinations sitting at home itself. There must be a few students who somehow manage to take care of their study expenses while others are still relying on their parents or guardians. In the initial stage, it feels good and you are pretty much into it without any worries of having to face any crashes in future. But with the course of time, especially after two or more failures, it starts to get on your nerves and can even become the bane of your life.  But students, if you take the stock of the situation, it isn’t as bad as you think it is. Not everyone is fortunate enough to make a go of it in her first attempt or so. Sometimes, it takes a little longer than we think it would, to get somewhere we have always longed for. Instead of grieving over the failures we have had throughout our struggle so far, you can try working on your weaknesses that do not let you make the grades in the examination for the job you aspire for. This will not only aid in breaking from the depressing thoughts of remaining unemployed forever but will also help you ace the next examination you appear for.
There are enormous opportunities out there and all that you need to do to grab one is to strike while the iron is hot. Take this notion and begin to plan a strategy with which you have to crack the exam in your next attempt and things will definitely come up roses in the end.

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