Union Budget 2020: Questions Based on Union Budget 2020

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has started her Union Budget Speech in the Parliament. This is her first full time budget presentation. We have come up with big promises in her budget statement. The budget has something for everyone and it will be such that it will attend to weak, old and vulnerable citizens. The budget is aiming to boost growth and enhance purchasing power of people.

To help you ace government jobs, we have provided Union Budget 2020 based questions with answers.

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Q1: Which of the following is NOT the main theme of Budget 2020?
(a). Aspirational India
(b). Caring Society
(c). Housing for all
(d). Economic Development for all
(e). All of the Above

ANSWER: (c). Housing for all

Q2: The income of Farmers is expected to get doubled in the year?
(a). 2025
(b). 2024
(c). 2022
(d). 2030
(e). 2033

ANSWER: 2022

Q3: Which of the following government scheme removed the dependence of Kerosene & Solar Pump?
(a). PM Kusum Yojana
(b). PM Kishan Yojana
(c). Krishi Kalyan Abhiyan
(d). All of the above
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (a). PM Kusum Yojana

Q4: What is the inflow of FDI from 2015-2019?
(a). 280 billion USD
(b). 285 billion USD
(c). 284 billion USD
(d). 288 billion USD
(e). 282 billion USD

ANSWER: (c). 284 billion USD

Q5: . To build a seamless national cold supply chain for perishables, Indian Railways will set up —— through PPP model so that perishable goods can be transported quickly.
(a). Atal Rail
(b). Kisan Rail
(c). Sardar Vallabhbhai Rail
(d). Food Rail
(e). Samridhi Rail

ANSWER: (b). Kisan Rail

Q6: How much Budget has been allocated for agriculture and rural development?
(a). 2 lakh crore
(b). 4 lakh crore
(c). 15 lakh crore
(d). 2.83 lakh crore
(e). 5 lakh crore

ANSWER: (d). 2.83 lakh crore

Q7: How many Aspirational District will be covered for AYUSHMAAN Treatment?
(a). 111
(b). 112
(c). 113
(d). 150
(e). 155

ANSWER: (b). 112

Q8: Which of the following Archaelogical sites will be given iconic status?
(a). Rakhigarhi
(b). Hastinapur
(c). Shivsagar
(d). Dholavira
(e). All of the above

ANSWER: (e). All of the above

Q9: How much funds have been Allocated to nutrition-related programmes for FY 2020-21?
(a). 35600 crore
(b). 30000 crore
(c). 20000 crore
(d). 25000 crore
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (a). 35600 crore

Q10: With Reference to “TB हारेगा, देश जीतेगा” Campaign, the target to eradicate Tuberculosis will be achieved by which year?
(a). 2022
(b). 2023
(c). 2025
(d). 2030
(e). 2028

ANSWER: (c). 2025

Q11: By how much percentage The central Govt Debt has been reducted as on March 2019?
(a). 48.7%
(b). 38.7%
(c). 68.7%
(d). 58.8%
(e). 78.8%

ANSWER: (a). 48.7%

Q12: How much funds have been allocated for the welfare of newly formed UT of Ladakh?
(a). 5555 crore
(b). 5958 crore
(c). 4000 crore
(d). 5000 crore
(e). 8000 crore

ANSWER: (b). 5958 crore

Q13: For better marketing and export of horticulture products, the states will focus on which methodology?
(a). Easy loan for stakeholders
(b). One District One product
(c). Free 10 year Insurance
(d). GST compensation
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (b). One District One product

Q14: Which ministry will launch Krishi UDAAN Yojana?
(a). ministry of agriculture
(b). ministry of corporate affairs
(c). ministry of civil aviation
(d). ministry of environment forest and climate change
(e). ministry of foreign affairs

ANSWER: (c). ministry of civil aviation

Q15: Insurance cover for bank deposits will be increased to —– from Rs. 1 lakh.
(a). 2 Lakh
(b). 4 Lakh
(c). 5 lakh
(d). 7 Lakh
(e). 10 lakh

ANSWER: 5 lakh

Q16: Name the independent body which will set up for the recruitment to non gazetted posts through computer-based online process.
(a). National Staff Selection Agency
(b). All India Recruitment Agency
(c). National Recruitment Agency
(d). Union Recruitment Agency
(e). None of the above

ANSWER: (c). National Recruitment Agency

Q17: Which of the following tax has been abolished?
(a). Corporate Tax
(b). Dividend Distribution Tax
(c). Tax on Gold
(d). Tax on Petroleum Products
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (b). Dividend Distribution Tax

Q18: The Union Government is set to launch ‘Vivaad Se Vishwas’ Scheme. What is the main agenda of the scheme?
(a). GST Coordination between Center-State
(b). Recovery of NPAs
(c). Loan Waiver provision for prospective farmers
(d). Reduction of tax litigation
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (d). Reduction of tax litigation

Q19: Which document will be issued instantly based on AADHAR details?
(a). PAN Card
(b). Passport
(c). Driving Ration
(d). Tourist Visa for visiting Kartarpur Corridor
(e). MNREGA card

ANSWER: (a). PAN Card

Q20: Which of the following is NOT a component of Aspirational India?
(a). Education & Skills
(b). Agriculture
(c). Renewable energy
(d). Irrigation
(e). Water

ANSWER: (c). Renewable energy

Q21: What is the Corporate Tax Rate for new domestic companies in manufacturing and power sector?
(a). 11%
(b). 10%
(c). 12%
(d). 15%
(e). 25%

ANSWER: (d). 15%

Q22: What is the income tax percentage for Income Bracket 12.5-15 lakh?
(a). 15%
(b). 20%
(c). 25%
(d). 30%
(e). Above 30%

ANSWER: (c). 25%

Q23: Which of the following campaign hs been launched by the Union Government to tackle lifestyle disorders and non-communicable diseases (NCDs)?
(a). PM Jan Arogya Yojana
(b). National Health Mission
(c). Jan Aushadhi Kendra Scheme
(d). TB Harega Desh Jeetega
(e). FIT India movement

ANSWER: (e). FIT India movement\

Q24: Which of the following is a component of “Caring Society”?
(a). Environment and Climate Change
(b). Education and Skills
(c). Infrastructure
(d). Wellness, Water and Sanitation
(e). All of the Above

ANSWER: (a). Environment and Climate Change

Q25: The initiative for inclusive growth i.e. “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas” with focus on –
(a). Healthcare: Ayushman Bharat
(b). Affordable Housing
(c). Clean energy: Ujjawala and Solar Power
(d). All of the Above
(e). None of the Above

ANSWER: (d). All of the Above

Q26: Name the exam which will be conducted in Asia and Africa under Study in India programme?
(a). Kaushal-SAT
(b). Bharat-SAT
(c). Indo-SAT
(d). Ind-SAT
(e). CSAT

ANSWER: (d). Ind-SAT

Q27: NIRVIK scheme is related to
(a). Insurance cover for farmers
(b). Insurance cover for BPL card holders
(c). Insurance cover for armed forces
(d). Insurance cover for Tribal people
(e). Insurance cover for exporters

ANSWER: (e). Insurance cover for exporters

Q28: An international bullion exchange will be set up at GIFT City. The GIFT city is located in which state?
(a). Maharashtra
(b). Uttar Pradesh
(c). Gujarat
(d). Madhya Pradesh
(e). Uttarakhand

ANSWER: (c). Gujarat

Q29: The Turnover threshold for audit of MSMEs has been increased from 1 crore to —
(a). 2 crore
(b). 5 crore
(c). 10 crore
(d).15 crore
(e). 20 crore

ANSWER: (b). 5 crore

Q30: Which of the following is a component of “Economic Development”?
(a). Environment and Climate Change
(b). Education and Skills
(c). Infrastructure
(d). Wellness, Water and Sanitation
(e). All of the Above

ANSWER: (c). Infrastructure

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