Visual Vocabulary Word: Improve Your Vocabulary with Daily Use Words: 25th March 2021

For most banking Aspirants, vocabulary is a nightmare but it carries a great amount of importance in every competitive exam. It is very important to have a good hold on the vocabulary to increase efficiency in the language section and also to increase your overall scores. That is why Adda247 has started a new initiative to improve the vocabulary of the aspirants with the Visual vocabulary words and their meaning.

Visual Vocabulary Word:

1. Henchman (noun)

Meaning; A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate.

Antonyms; captain, chief

Synonyms; assistant, helper


2. Bruised (adjective)

Meaning; A dark mark

Antonyms; strong, healthy

Synonyms; damaged, injured


3. Trivial (adjective)

Meaning; Ignorable; of little significance or value

Synonyms; Insignificant

Antonyms; Decisive


4. Dilatory (adjective)

Meaning; Intentionally delaying

Synonyms; slack, sluggish

Antonyms; fast, quick


5. Piquant (adjective)

Meaning; Stimulating to the senses; engaging

Synonyms; fascinating, interesting

Antonyms; dull, boring


6. Muckrake (verb)

Meaning; To search for and expose corruption or scandal

Synonyms; defamation, criticism

Antonyms; praise, approval


7. Sordid (adjective)

Meaning; Dirty or squalid.

Antonyms; respectable, reputable

Synonyms; foul, dishonorable


8. Munificence (noun)

Meaning; The quality of being munificent; generosity.

Synonyms; Generous, liberal

Antonyms; conservative, thrift


9. Rampant (adjective)

Meaning; Unrestrained or unchecked, usually in a negative manner.

Synonyms; uncontrolled, frequent

Antonyms; controlled, limited


10. Inglorious (adjective)

Meaning; Ignominious; disgraceful

Synonyms; disgraceful, shameful

Antonyms; respectful, appreciable


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The motive of the Visual Vocabulary Word

We all know that visuals give a deep impact on our minds to learn something. In this new Visual Vocabulary Drive, We will be giving you new words daily with a visual and its meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and their usage that will familiarize you with a vast variety of words and will increase your overall vocabulary.  Candidates must check the vocabulary page daily for new words.

Importance of Vocabulary

  • The reading comprehension from which 50% of the questions of the English language section are based,  does not only require the candidate to have a good reading skill but also requires a good hold on the English vocabulary. A good vocabulary will give the candidates of a better understanding of the comprehension which will benefit them in scoring maximum marks.
  • A good vocabulary also helps a candidate to crack the interview round of the banking exams. The candidate can form a sentence perfectly if he/she has a good vocabulary.
  • Apart from the reading comprehension section, there are multiple portions of the English test where vocabulary can be used.


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