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Vocabulary of The Day- 18 April

Vocabulary of The Day- 18 April

One’s vocabulary is essential for scoring marks in Exams as well as effective communication. To assist aspirants in their quest to govt. or bank job, we present a daily vocabulary featuring carefully curated words along with their antonyms and synonyms. A good vocabulary not only improves comprehension but also improves writing and speaking skills. Our team has initiated a new way to learn vocabulary by providing a visual description of Words.


Meaning: Evil or malignant in disposition, Nature, Intent or Influence.

Newspaper: THE HINDU

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Use of the Word:

The Supreme Court on Tuesday disagreed with the idea of a return to paper ballots saying machines give “absolutely accurate results” unless human bias maligns them.

Synonyms: Slander, Abuse

Antonyms: Benign, Gentle

Q. Which of the following words has a similar meaning to malign?

  1. Gentle
  2. Accordance
  3. Influence
  4. Untouched

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

  • Which: Used in questions to ask somebody to be exact
  • Witch: A woman who is thought to have magic powers

Ans. c) Influence comes closer to the meaning of malign. Hence c is the right answer.

Vocabulary of the Day-18 April

Benefits of Building Vocabulary

There are numerous benefits of Building a strong vocabulary in Academics, Working Professional life or in day-to-day business. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Increase Score in Exams: A strong vocabulary is correlated with increasing overall marks in Exam
  • Language Proficiency: Improved understanding of Synonyms and Antonyms enhances language comprehension and fluency
  • Communication Skills: A diverse vocabulary makes effective communication, in both spoken & written forms.
  • Vocabulary Expansion: Regular Exposure to new words enhances English language depth.
  • Confidence: Instills confidence in expressing ideas and opinions articulately.
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Where can I get the Vocabulary of the day 18 April 2024?

Vocabulary of the day 18 April 2024 has been provided in the given post.