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Vocabulary of The Day- 31 May

Adda247’s “Vocabulary of the Day” is a daily vocabulary trainer designed to help candidates improve their English fluency and succeed in competitive examinations. Each day, a new word is featured along with its meaning, usage examples, synonyms, antonyms, a practice question, and similar-sounding words with different meanings to make learning easier. Enhancing vocabulary skills ultimately results in a higher score in the English Language section.


Meaning: To Saturate With Water.

Hindi Meaning: जल भराव

Newspaper: The Indian Express

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Use of the Word:

IMD has advised people in Northeastern states to move to safer places and avoid going to areas that face waterlogging issues.

Synonyms: Flooding (बाढ़)

Antonyms: Drought (सुखा)

Q. Which of the following is not a synonym for waterlogging?

a) Dryness

b) Soaking

c) Flooding

d) None of the above

Similar Sounding Words with Different meaning:

  • Knows: perceive the truth (जानना)
  • Nose: tip of an object or body part (नाक)

Ans. a): Dryness is not a synonym for waterlogging.

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Benefits of Building Vocabulary

Expanding one’s vocabulary is crucial for exam success and becoming a confident and effective communicator. Here are the benefits of building a strong vocabulary:

  • A broader range of words enables candidates to express themselves clearly and eloquently in writing and speaking.
  • Mastering synonyms and antonyms enhances conversational fluidity and deepens comprehension of others’ speech.
  • Consistent exposure to new vocabulary strengthens overall command over the English language.
  • A rich vocabulary lets individuals confidently articulate their ideas and opinions, making a lasting impression.
  • A strong vocabulary naturally improves performance in the English language section, leading to an overall higher score.
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What is the meaning for the Vocabulary of the Day, "Waterlogging"?

The meaning for the Vocabulary of the Day, "Waterlogging" is to saturate with water.