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World Elephant Day 2022, History & Significance

World Elephant Day 2022: World Elephant Day is observed every year on the 12th of August. To raise awareness about the conservation of elephants, World Elephant Day is celebrated. Elephants are the largest land animals of the world. The approximate life span of an elephant is 60-70 years. Elephants are facing the threat of extinction and there number has significantly reduced especially in the continents of Asia and Africa. Elephants are an endangered species in India too. The central as well as state governments of India has brought certain laws due to which illegal hunting of elephants has decreased but in Africa a large number of elephants are poached for ivory. In this article, we have discussed the History, and Significance of World Elephant Day 2022.

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World Elephant Day 2022 in Hindi

World Elephant Day 2022: History

In 2012, World Elephant Day was co-founded by Canadian filmmakers Patricia Sims, Michael Clark of Canazwest Pictures, and Sivaporn Dardarananda, Secretary-General of the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation in Thailand, an initiative of HM Queen Sirikit. World Elephant Day was first observed on August 12, 2012 and ever since then World Elephant Day is being celebrated.

World Elephant Day 2022: Significance

World Elephant Day is commemorated to raise awareness among the people about the significance of elephants. Out of all the land animals, Elephants are considered to have the biggest brain. Elephants are the animals that promote a healthy ecosystem and biodiversity. On World Elephant Day individuals and organizations come together and aware people regarding the matters that threaten the elephants.

The act of Poaching is the main threat for these mammals. Poaching means to hunt the elephants illegally. Some of the other issues that are faced by these gentle giants are loss of habitat because of deforestation, conflict between humans and elephant, mistreatment by humans, and captivity. The main aim of celebrating World Elephant Day of various elephant conserving organizations are:

  • to work towards better protection for wild elephants
  • improve the enforcement policies and prevent the illegal poaching and trading of ivory
  • conserve the habitats of elephants
  • captive elephants are provide better treatment to the captive elephants and, whenever necessary captive elephants should be kept into natural, protected sanctuaries

Message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on World Elephant Day 2022

The Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, made a tweet on the occasion of World Elephant Day 2022: “On #WorldElephantDay, reiterating our commitment to protect the elephant. You would be happy to know that India houses about 60% of all Asian elephants. The number of elephant reserves has risen in the last 8 years. I also laud all those involved in protecting elephants.”

He made another tweet and highlighted Elephant conservation: “The successes in elephant conservation must be viewed in context of the larger efforts underway in India to minimise human-animal conflict, and integrating local communities and their traditional wisdom in furthering environmental consciousness.”

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FAQs: World Elephant Day 2022

Q.1 When is World Elephant Day 2022 celebrated?

Ans. World Elephant Day 2022 is celebrated on 12th of August 2022.

Q.2 What are the main goals of observing World Elephant Day of various elephant conserving organizations?

Ans. The main goals of observing World Elephant Day of various elephant conserving organizations are discussed above in the article.

Q.3 When was the first World Elephant Day commemorated?

Ans. The first Elephant Day was commemorated on August 12, 2012.

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