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World Tourism Day 2023, Date, Theme History and Significance

World Tourism Day 2023

Every year on 27 September, our globe celebrates World Tourism Day 2023. This day is adopted to be very important as it portrays the values of tourism. This notion also flourishes the social, political, economic, and cultural aspects of different places. World Tourism Day motivates everyone to understand the joy of traveling. Moreover, we can also learn about other cultures through traveling.

Today’s world has been getting stuck with a busy schedule. So, we barely think about planning a trip and travel. World Tourism Day 2023 can be your best chance to ignite your interest in traveling. To energize your zeal, we will be giving you all the details regarding World Tourism Day 2023 with its date, history, significance, and theme.

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World Tourism Day 2023 Date

Our globe commemorates World Tourism Day annually on 27 September. This day enhances the requirements and the values of tourism. Even different type of delegates from all around the world share their thoughts and notions on this day and adopts the importance of traveling. Moreover, the positive impacts of tourism are highlighted on this date. On the other hand, it also focuses on the challenges the tourism industry has been facing. So, people also raise awareness towards the following sector on this day. On this World Tourism Day 2023, we should understand the diverse and remarkable cultures of our world and accordingly plan our travel diaries.

  World Tourism Day 2023 History

The World Tourism Day 2023 was celebrated for the first time during 1980. This day was coined to raise awareness regarding the importance of the tourism industry. The UNWTO General Assembly established the day. This day was decided to be celebrated as the adoption of the UNWTO Statutes that was initiated on 7 September 1970. The UNWTO came to a decision that this day will be commemorated over every country of the world. Moreover, it also promoted different levels of tourism factors available in other countries. Every year, World Tourism Day is celebrated with a proper theme highlighting the relevance of tourism.

World Tourism Day 2023 Significance

When we talk about World Tourism Day, it reflects an immense significance. This day serves as a reminder to make the audience understand the influence of tourism. Moreover, it also regards cultural exchange and economic growth among different countries. With the economic aspects, tourism can broaden the positive chances of developing countries. Many events will be organized on this day through which we can learn the effects of sustainable tourism. Moreover, different countries will elevate their level of peace, understanding, and cooperation.

World Tourism Day 2023 Theme

This year, the theme for World Tourism Day 2023 has been decided to be “Tourism and Green Investments.” A theme is decided every year to highlights different objectives of the occasion. World Tourism Day is considered to be an opportunity for everyone including many organizations and governments to understand the importance of safe and sustainable culture.


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When do we celebrate World Tourism Day 2023?

We celebrate World Tourism Day on 27 September every year.

When was the World Tourism Day 2023 celebrated for the first time?

The World Tourism Day 2023 was celebrated for the first time on 27 September 1970.

What is the theme of World Tourism Day 2023?

The theme for World Tourism Day 2023 has been decided to be “Tourism and green investment”.

What is the significance of World Tourism Day 2023?

World Tourism Day 2023 raises awareness regarding the importance of tourism in elevating economic, cultural, and social ties among different countries.