Your Biggest Failure Becomes Your Biggest Teacher

When you start your journey, failures are evident. Failures are inevitable, especially when you take a big risk to achieve ambitious goals. Recognize this before you begin. You will learn from your failures and they will only make you better. There is very little learning in success. Embrace failure and move on. Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.

Now, with time you will understand that these failures are not just an event but an illustrator. They are the biggest teacher that will teach you how to deal with critical circumstances. In life, never ever consider the fall downs as the hurdles of your destination. They are going to be the best lesson’s life teaches you on the way towards your destination.

“Being Challenged in Life is Inevitable; Being Defeated is Optional”

Failure are not the final defeat but if you take your failure as the final decision of destiny than you will be considered defeated. This defeat is optional as you don’t know how far your were from your destination when you left the battle ground. You have to choose between the challenge and the failure. If you still pick up the challenge after facing failures, you are going to be the real warrior.

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