Revision Tips for SBI PO Prelims 2020

The State Bank of India is all set to conduct the first stage of this year’s Probationary Officer’s recruitment. Are you ready to appear in the SBI PO Prelims ?

Becoming an SBI PO is the dream of many bank job aspirants. This year you will be fighting with lakhs of aspirants for a few thousand seats of this recruitment and this fight is going to be tough indeed. SBI PO has not only been the most sought after recruitment but also the trendsetter exam in the banking sector recruitments. This means that the bar is even higher this year because many students have opted to try to get a government job after seeing the setbacks of the pandemic on the private sector. Now with just a few days left as the SBI PO Prelims starts from 31st December, comes a question “what should you do in these days? what should be your plan from now-onwards?”  Keep on reading to find out the answers to these questions, as here we are discussing how you should utilize this time to revise for SBI PO Prelims:

Your revision tips will depend on the following series of questions. Ask yourself these questions and the answer has to be either a YES or a NO; then check the suggestion corresponding to your answer and you’ll know what you have to do!!!

1- Have you completed the syllabus of all three subjects- English, Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning?

Voila!! Great, this means now you are done with the basics and its time to focus completely on speed and accuracy. Always try to practice with a mixed bag of questions now to train yourself to face the exam heat. Do not worry!! Smart practice plan will come to your rescue now. Check what is being asked in this year’s bank exams and what was asked in last year’s SBI PO exam and you’ll know what all topics you need to wind up quickly. You do not have to be a book worm to crack SBI PO, you just need to work smart and develop speed and accuracy. Check out SBI PO Video Course by Expert Faculties that can help you complete your syllabus in a short span of time.

2- Are you able to solve the questions accurately while practising through books/pdfs but lose confidence or you get confused while attempting a test?

Solving questions from any chapter one after another is easier at times because you might be in that comfort zone, but what you really need to work on is practice more and more to solve questions abruptly. You must be prepared to solve a mixed bag of questions in the exam. Practice with Adda247 Quizzes and start practice sets immediately. This shall help you gain confidence. This is great for your progress if you are able to solve questions with confidence and accuracy while taking a test. As less time is left, we suggest you to keep on practising with a mixed bag of questions every day to train yourself even better. You need to be on your best on “the day of examination”.

3- Do you feel you know the answers, but somehow you are not able to maintain accuracy while taking a test for SBI PO Prelims?

You are not alone in this, many students go through this phase. What you need to do is relax and do not get afraid of testing yourself. Accuracy is the most important thing you need to maintain while attempting questions in SBI PO Prelims. So, attempt more tests by staying calm, and after submitting each test spend some time analysing what you did right? and where you made a mistake? Check out SBI PO Prime Test Series by Adda247 If no is your answer, then keep it up and keep on practising more and more to refine your skills.

4- You feel tempted to attempt all the questions while practising with a mock test?

Control your urges!! this can cost you marks and each mark, even a fraction of it is very important when it comes to clearing the cut off. Accuracy should be your mantra!!! If you are confident about an answer, then only mark it otherwise it is wise to leave that question and move on to the next. Remember “SAY NO TO GUESS GAME” You do not have to attempt 100 out of 100 questions, you have to attempt maximum question you are sure about. Taking more tests will help you with this. That’s the way to go!! never feel tempted to go for a guessing game. Keep on practising with Adda247 Quizzes and mock test.

5- Have you practised with SBI PO Prelims Memory Based Papers of previous years?

That’s good, we would also suggest you to go through memory based paper of IBPS PO Prelims held this year. IBPS PO Prelims 2020 Memory Based Paper- Download Free PDF Do not wait another day!! It is a must to attempt this paper before you finalise your preparation- Click Here to Practice with Memory Based Papers.

Team bankersadda wishes you all the best in your preparation journey, and we urge you to maintain your confidence and practice more with mock tests. Also share in the comment section “what is your level of preparation for SBI PO Prelims so far?”