5 Tips For IBPS PO 2017

1. Set up a time-table

Prepare a time-table with both short-term and long-term goals. Such a time-table would assist you in completing the target syllabus on time. Organize all the things you have to do and fix your timetable around it. IBPS can be segmented into five broad parts:

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Making a time table inculcates a sense of discipline, the aspirant is bound to give a certain amount of time to a particular subject or topic. The topics are like milestones to be crossed to the aspirants. Once you are done with a particular topic, you receive a kind of positive reinforcement to achieve the next target. Regular studies reduce the level of stress, as the amount of topics to be done does not accumulate into blizzards, hence provide the aspirant with a better physical and mental health.

Once you are done with all the topics, you need to revise them all from time to time. If you do not revise the topics that you studied months back, you end up remembering nothing as if you haven’t studied anything.

2. Continuous Practice

Practicing with mocks helps you ace the original tests/examinations and identify your strengths and weaknesses as well. After attempting the tests, you are well aware of your speeds with which you attempt every different section. That way, in the original examination, you will choose to attempt the very section first that you are very good, or say fast at. Adda247 mocks encompass a range of questions that match the level of frequently asked questions, previous year questions, and new pattern questions. Computer based Test Series for IBPS PO also help you save your time as they simulate the real tests and let you know you how to attempt the questions in a way that you are able to attempt maximum number of questions within the given time limit. It also gives you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand and how much more you need to work. Once you are used to giving such tests, any online examination will no longer seem outlandish to you. Understand the syllabus by going through past year’s papers and official guidelines. Practicing previous year’s papers is also very important as it helps in familiarizing the aspirants with the pattern of the exam. It helps them to ascertain how much time they spend on an average in solving a particular question and avoid situations where the bottom falls out of all their strategies when they get stuck pondering over a single low-scoring question for too long and thereby overlooking other high-scoring questions. So, test series and previous year papers actually play a very important role in your preparations.

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3. Reading newspapers

Reading of newspapers is good, useful, and is all that is important to participate in any competitive exam these days. You read what is happening around the globe and for a while get out of the narrow circle of your personal affairs. So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to them or tackle the GA section of IBPS PO exam 2017 smoothly and easily.

The events that happen around the world are recorded in a newspaper. A busy person hardly gets the time to read everything that it contains. This is why, to save your precious time, we provide you with an alternative that is our “Daily GK Update(Available in both Hindi and English languages) that contains only the news that is important from the point of view of competitive examinations. It contains all the news that is likely to be asked in IBPS PO examination. This way you can keep updated with all the important news without wasting much of your time on reading not so important news or searching for the news that is important for upcoming examinations. Avoid the habit of ignoring everyday news telling yourself that you will do it in the end when the examinations are close, you only end up lying crushed under a pile of news. A cursory glance at newspapers wouldn’t help you do anything but mere entertaining gossips. Apart from the GA Section, an excellent knowledge of current news also helps you deal with the GDPI (Group Discussion and Personal Interview) more efficiently so you do not give a mumble jumble answer to the interviewee’s simple questions. You do not get to see four or five options while participating in a group discussion or facing an interview, remember that. Your vocabulary and English skills can also be improved if you maintain reading newspapers on a regular basis. Reading newspaper is of high importance and indispensable.
4. Clear Concepts

Our world is getting more virtualized and Internet is acting as a catalyst in each every fields of life. Internet is making the world faster, and becoming the prominent part of every one’s life. Students too are also getting familiar with the use of internet usage and they are seeing Internet as a new teacher. Internet has made learning easier as it was never before.  No more problems in learning, because distance learning is there, all the study material that you need for your preparations is now available on Internet. With one touch learn any things that you can imagine. If your concepts on any topic are not clear, you can watch free Youtube videos and be on the ball to face IBPS PO 2017. There are many e-books and study notes available on various topics. Video Courses too are available for those who cannot join classroom programmes but wanted to. You can also apply for IBPS PO Coaching Classes if you think your concepts are not that clear and you are not even able to clear them out on your own.

5. Strong Determination

You need to set aside the casual attitude of yours towards the competitive examinations as they need full dedication and commitment. Nothing can stop us to achieve success in our life if we have a strong will power and determination. Once you are determined and have disciplined your mind you will see a great transformation in yourself. If you wish to succeed, you must aver to yourself that you will work hard to achieve your goal, with as much brio as you can muster. Make sure that you do not get lost in the lalaland of useless thoughts while you are studying. You have to be fully devoted towards the goal you want to achieve. Do remember that you will be able to do all of this only if you keep practicing and utilize the time that you have for your preparations. Everyone has only 24 hours in a day and what makes the difference is how you utilize these hours.There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

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