5 tips for you to learn more in less time.


Learning is a bit of a complex process. To some it comes easy, while to the others it might be a bit tricky. However everybody wants their learning to be better and sound as the quick learners save themselves more time and effort.

Here are 5 simple things you should try to help yourself learn better.

1- Stick to your study plan

You need to chalk out a smart study plan and stick to it. There is no perfect plan, all you need is to think of one and later keep improvising it according to your requirements and capabilities. Decide on what are the times you learn better and what are the topics you grasp better. Once you know these you make the best plan, and the next thing is to just stick to it.

2- Make good notes

Instead of relying on the readymade notes, it is always better to go for note making on your own. Whenever you read some book, watch some video or go through any other such educational source, make sure you have a handy notebook or some note making tool. When you take down notes, remember you do not have to copy down long sentences, instead just make some key points that can later remind you all of it.

3- Highlight the important parts

To supplement your note making, you can also try highlighting important lines and words while reading. It will save your time while re-reading the book. Also when you highlight certain things, they get inked especially in your brains. So you tend to remember the highlighted parts better.

4- Refresh yourself

You need to take proper breaks in-between your study schedules. This helps you rejuvenate yourself and makes you more mentally available to the requirements of your study plan. Know about your brain power and how long you can study at a stretch. Do not overwork, it may lead to fatigue and reduced performance.

5- Stay tech-friendly

Be aware about the smart ways of learning, such as live classes, video courses, e-books, mock tests etc. Such tools have made learning more fun, thus they may help you understand the complex topic with ease. It’s true that printed books will never lose their relevance , but as a smart student you need to be updated with these advanced ways of learning too.

What kind of a learner are you and what helps you learn better. Let us know in the comment box below.

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