All India Essay Competition- Linda From Guwahati Bags Top Position!

Adda247 organised an All India Essay Writing Competition in which thousands of students took part with full enthusiasm and fervour. We are pleased to inform that Linda from Guwahati has been selected by Adda247 as the winner of the All India Essay Writing Contest that was conducted on 6th December 2020.

We congratulate Linda for her well deserved success and this victory remains solitary gladly seeing your diligent work and devotion. Let us have a look at the essay that made Linda from Guwahati bag the top position in the all India essay writing competition 2020.


First Anniversary of Abrogation of Article 370

“One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results.”    – Milton Friedman

BJP government after coming in power has brought landmark changes in the nation, most of them highly contentious. From the Demonetisation to the Pulwama attack, the central government has never shied away from taking drastic and intrepid mainstream decisions. But surpassing all was the abrogation of Article 370, stripping Jammu and Kashmir from its special powers, which even got India some international attention. The decision was not impulsive from the BJP front but was a clearly planned move. The intentions and reasons presented by the BJP were apparently accepted and welcomed by the masses (mainly of other states). The narration “rectifying a historic blunder made by Congress” successfully found its way to the national sentiment of the people. But the process of implementation was called out by many as hasty, insensitive, and questionable. Depriving Kashmiris of the necessities that others enjoy every day with no second thought. While many citing that despite the decision being for the welfare of Kashmiris, their consent and feelings were not even taken into consideration. Nevertheless, here we are, completing one year of Jammu and Kashmir enjoying the Union territory status. Many people fail to understand why the article was important to the state and the historical significance it had. There is no denying that Jammu and Kashmir is indeed a special and conflicted area, be it geographically or politically. This article gave many the security of livelihood while staying in a place of many complications. They had their own constitution, fundamental rights, and reservations. While the government did promise a variety of benefits and opportunities for the residents, providing stability and freedom from terrorism, the locals reckon that this increased the feeling of separatism even more. Though some government reports say otherwise. It is quite evident that both the central government and the Kashmiris are not on the same page. Regardless, many schemes, policies, and projects are still being implemented for the development of the union territory by the central government but how much of it is really fruitful? There is still no sign of a full political organization. Many have lost their jobs since the thriving tourist sector of Kashmir was hindered. People are yet to accept their new full proof identity and acclimatize under the new regime. Still, we cannot discredit the government as well. They are putting work and time into making Kashmir more peaceful. If endeavors are being taken, the results aren’t that far. What we can do currently, is put our hopes in the good intentions of the government and work towards building a better community regardless of our situation or the environment we are in, to empower each other and perform our duties as a fellow citizen of this country. And reminding ourselves – the government itself is not the nation but for the nation and we, the people, make the nation


Faculty Review

Let us have a look at what our faculties have to say for Linda’s ingenious essay that made her the Number 1 essay writer in the All India Essay Writing Competition 

“ This essay was hands down the best right up and was very well structured. Very simplified yet crisp, the essay gives a very deep insight into the article and its importance. It is interesting to read and simple to comprehend.”