Bank Holidays in April 2020

Bank holidays are the days on which banks are closed. So, if you are planning to visit the bank in anytime soon then just go through this list to make sure you are not visiting your branch on wrong day. To know the bank holidays of other states you can visit the official website of This month we will be observing annual closings of banks, Ram Navami etc. To know about all the holidays see the list given below:

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List of National Holidays

Date Day Holiday
1 April 2020 Wednesday Annual closing of banks
2 April 2020 Thursday Ram Navami
5 April 2020 Sunday Weekly Off
6 April 2020 Monday Mahavir Jayanti
9 April 2020 Thursday Maundy Thursday/Shab e-Barat
10 April 2020 Friday Good Friday
12 April 2020 Sunday Weekly Off
13 April 2020 Monday Biju Festival/Vaisakhi
14 April 2020 Tuesday Ashoka’s birth anniversary/Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti/Maha Vishuba Sankranti/Tamil New Year/Bohag Bihu/Bengali New Year/Vishu
21 April 2020 Tuesday Garia Puja
22 April 2020 Wednesday Tithi of Damodar Deva
25 April 2020 Saturday Fourth Saturday

List Of State Bank Holidays in April 2020

13 April 2020 Monday Bihu
14 April 2020 Tuesday Bihu
15 April 2020 Wednesday Bihu
Himachal Pradesh
15 April 2020 Wednesday Himachal Day
Jammu & Kashmir
13 April 2020 Monday Cheiraoba/Baisakhi
13 April 2020 Monday Cheiraoba/Baisakhi
13 April 2020 Monday Cheiraoba
20 April 2020 Monday Garia Puja

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How many National Bank Holidays are there in April 2020?

Ans. There are total 12 bank holidays in April 2020.

Q. Where we can see the bank holiday list for other months as well?

Ans. You can go to the official website of There you can find the list of all months bank holidays.

Q. Does Online Banking features work on bank holiday?

Ans. Yes! Online Banking features work on bank holiday.