Bank of Baroda GD and Interview Experience

Hello Friends,

This is your own Jitendra (Disqus ID: Edward Snowden).
Here I’m going to share my first banking interview experience.
Here are the details:
Date: 7th Nov 2016
Time: 1:30 PM
Place: Mumbai
Here we go…

Group Discussion
I reached at 12:00 there, and started with my doc verification at 12:30.
At 2:30 we all were called for GD session. Panel of 5 people (4 M and 1 F).
We were 10 candidates in the group and we had been given the topic
“MNC Culture is a boon or curse for a country?”.. We all had been given 5 min
To write our points about it and then we all started putting our points one by one.
Then panel asked us to discuss it out together for another few minutes when we
All completed our individual points.
All in all it was a healthy discussion ,?.

Personal Interview
After half an hour, they informed us that PI is going to start now.. I was the 3rd in
Queue to get interviewed. I was excited as It was my first banking interview.

My turn came, I asked.. May I come in??..
M1 (Center): Yes Please..
Me: Thank You and Moved in.. Stood near chair and greeted everyone with Good
Afternoon everyone! ( With Smile).
M1(Hindi Me) : So, Jitendra.. Papa Kya karte hai and family me kon kon hai ??..
Me: Replied.
M1: Aapne kis company me kaam kiya hai pehle and Kya work karte the??..
Me: Replied.
M2: You did MBA Hr and you must have learnt about OB ( Organisational Behaviour),
So can you tell me about 360 degree appraisal??.
Me: (Wow, I was so happy n excited to answer this Que) Replied in very detail and he looked satisfied.
M3: How will you utilize your MBA qualification and skills in Bank Job??..
Me: Replied in detail carefully.
F1: Aapka account kis bank me hai and how do u update the details in ur bank account?..
Matlab aap branch jaake karte ho ya??
Me: Replied.
M4: Your name is Jitendra, Ye Bollywood ke Jitendra se kuch lena Dena to nahi hai Na aapka..??
Me: I was smiling and said.. No sir.. Not at all.. He is a legend.
M4: So, recently abhi ek badi company ke chairman ki death hui hai and iski wajah se share market bhi fall Hua tha.. Do u remember his name??..
Me: I was thinking for a while.. ( Mene socha esa kuch mene to nahi padha recently.. Koi GA updates nahi chhodta main.. Yaad Kyu nahi aa raha kuch..) I said . Recently to Munjal Sir ki death hui hai Hero Corp waale..
M4: He said No.. Wo nahi.. Koi aur..?
Me: Was thinking again.. 1% bhi click nahi ho raha tha.. Then I said Sorry Sir, but I’m unable to recollect his name..
M4: It’s ok!
M3: Suppose you are a 45 yrs old Branch manager in a bank and You want to motivate your employees without any financial incentive.. How will you do that??..
Me: ( Expected one) I said I will organize management games on Fridays n Saturdays for them so that they can come out from daily hectic work life and cheer with each other at work place..
Panel was looking satisfied..
So, M1 ( Center): So, Jitendra.. Thank you.. Ab aap ja sakte hai.!
Me: Thank you! ( Sabko smile dete hue return)

After coming out.. I was thinking about that question which they asked.. Chairman recently konsa wala dead Hua hai and uski wajah se share market bhi fall Hua.. Bas mere dimag me yahi ghum raha tha.. Then I thought.. It was a trap I believe coz recently india ki ek badi company ke board of directors me bade shuffle hue hai but koi death nahi hui and share market par bhi bahot effect Hua.. And that is none other than our TATA Group.
Shayad ye hi ans ho sakta hai.. But anyways.. Jo bhi experience tha wo bahot achha tha. Panel was so humble and cooperative ??.

So, that was how my interview went. I’m hopeful
Hope it will help one or the other for sure.
Thanks BA and your team!! ?  Thanks a ton!!!